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The next training trend  - online, self-paced training.  This type of training is also referred to as Online training, computer based training, e-Training, distance Training, self-paced training or Virtual training.  So, what is the difference?  In most cases, only the name.  No matter the method or name used, all courses are delivered over the Internet and can be accessed from a computer with a Web browser. 

Online courses are ideal for those who are unable to attend live training at a public facility due to schedule conflicts or only have a few hours to dedicate to training.  Virtual training are for those that are unable to travel to a distant location for a specific type of training.  On Demand training allows you to train on your time so there are no missed training classes or rushed schedules.

Click any of the links below to view a complete list of online training available for registration. 

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For those of you that are interested in live public training seminars, browse are extensive list of seminars and training classes throughout the US and Canada.  You can locate seminars and training classes being held in your city, other cities or you can search by category, zip code or dates or you can create your own online training calendar.

If you don't find the exact training you want to attend using the links provided above you can submit a request to us if you do not locate the type of online training you are searching for.

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