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Our Seminar Marketing Plans Are Designed to Produce Results offers training providers like you two simple plans to reach hundreds of thousands of training seekers each year via our training search engine and training news network consisting of over 1050 training related internet properties.

Our seminar marketing system is time tested and proven to work.  To date our seminar marketing system has produced  over 50,000 registrations for training providers that have contracted our seminar marketing services.


Choose from 2 Marketing plans

Our most popular marketing plan for training providers that conduct Public seminars, conferences, workshops, teleconferences, audio conferences, webinars, or customized on-site training services. This seminar marketing plan features ...

Training provider directory listing

Your company name, company logo, and your address displayed in the FindaSeminar training provider directory

Company Profile information page

A personal information page about your company which also contains links to your training seminars conferences and workshops listed on

Free Admin tools

A full suite of free and secure admin tools to use to edit your company info, event info, or add edit or delete events and venues as needed.

Event listing and registration services

A descriptive event page in the search engine for each of your listed events that contains event info, event dates and locations and multiple registration tools for training seekers to register for your events.


Training providers that choose this seminar marketing plan receive free customer service provided on your behalf by our highly qualified customer service agents. Our agents answer training event related questions saving you time and providing training seekers the info they need to register.  In addition our customer service reps are available during and after business hours to answer customer questions and take registrations for your events.

Request information about upcoming training seminars workshops and conferences in   and other cities listed on Submit a support request

to list your public seminars, on line training or on site training services on and the entire Training News Network today!

This seminar marketing plan is best for training providers that provide on site training services only and do not conduct Public seminars or training events. The benefits of the VIP on site training marketing plan include ...

Training provider directory listing

Your company name, company logo, and your address displayed in the FindaSeminar training provider directory

Company Profile information page

A personal information page about your company which also contains links to your training seminars conferences and workshops listed on

Free Admin tools

A full suite of free and secure admin tools to use to edit your company info, event info, or add edit or delete events and venues as needed.

Event listing and registration services

A descriptive event page in the search engine for each of your listed events that contains information about your event (including dates and locations if the event is also conducted via public seminars) and multiple ways for  training seekers to register for your events or request on site training.

Like the Public Seminar Listing plan above, training providers that choose the On site training marketing plan receive free customer service provided on your behalf by our qualified staff.  Our customer service reps answer training event related questions saving you time and providing training seekers the info they need to register.  In addition our customer service reps are available during and after business hours to answer customer questions and take registrations for your events.

Both of our seminar marketing plans have their own unique benefits and associated service fees.
Please take a moment to review both plans and read the Frequently Asked Seminar Marketing Services Questions below before proceeding to create your training provider account. 
Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take to create my account and get listed on
Once you have selected the best training seminar marketing plan and completed and submitted the training provider information form your application will be reviewed by a member of our staff.  Normally this process can be complete in 24-72 hours.

During the process of creating and activating your account a staff member may contact you if they have any questions about the information that you submitted or about the seminars or training services that you will be offering.  Your prompt reply to any questions our staff members may raise and the speed of which you read sign and return the vendor agreement form will determine the actual time necessary to complete the application process

Do I have to sign a long term contract?
The contract for services between you and is for one year.  The seminar marketing contract is auto renewable for one year terms unless terminated by either party per the provisions stated in the contract. 
What are the costs for marketing my seminar or on site training events on
Please Request information about upcoming training seminars workshops and conferences in   and other cities listed on Submit a support request now and a representative will be glad to assist with your seminar marketing needs and on site training marketing needs as well as associated fees for seminar marketing and training marketing services that we provide.

Request information about upcoming training seminars workshops and conferences in   and other cities listed on Submit a support request

to list your public seminars or on site training services on




Important message for training and seminar providers

A seminar marketing firm is an extension of your company.  They are the face and voice that your potential customer hears and sees first.  Choosing the right seminar marketing firm could bring you increased registrations and company goodwill while choosing the wrong seminar marketing firm could result in lost business and income and even worse customer dissatisfaction. 

To protect your valuable company name be sure to ask the tough questions before you select a seminar marketing firm to represent you. 

One company -Our company has the right answers to your questions and is the answer to your seminar marketing needs.

FindaSeminar is the worlds leader in Internet based seminar search and registration.  We are proud of our success and stand behind the proven results of our exclusive seminar marketing system. is a member of the Training News Network, A  collection of over 1050 websites and internet properties owned by our parent company and dedicated to serving the training and seminar events industry.

Training providers and training seekers exclaim "You guys are everywhere on the internet!"  They are right.  Our marketing team works day and night to keep our name on top of search results and fresh on the mind of the millions of internet users.

Our efforts attract the highest number of training seekers to FindaSeminar where they can find and register for training offered by training providers like you that list their seminars conferences workshops and other training events.

If you'd like your company name and training seminar workshop or conference agendas to be in front of thousands of qualified training seekers each day. 

If you would like to plug into and benefit from our proven seminar marketing system that helps training seekers find and register for your training events quick and easy day or night ...

simply Request information about upcoming training seminars workshops and conferences in   and other cities listed on Submit a support request and learn how you can be listed.

A qualified client services representative is standing by to answer any questions you may have to explain our seminar marketing programs and to help you become the next training provider to enjoy increased registrations and life long customers delivered to your door courtesy of our proven seminar and training marketing system

Request information about upcoming training seminars workshops and conferences in   and other cities listed on Submit a support request and get your company and training seminars listed today!

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Seminar marketing Service news - offers Simple but effective tips for how to market your seminars training classes workshops and conferences and other events. Releases Seminar Marketing Tips For Marketing Seminars Online is the worlds largest training search engine and offers seminar marketing to Training providers in the U.S. and Canada

When it comes to marketing your seminars training classes workshops and conferences on the Internet choosing the right service makes all the difference.

Scott Alliy President of Allied Internet Solutions Inc. an Internet marketing company that offers seminar marketing services via their training search engine warns training and seminar providers to consider multiple factors before choosing a seminar marketing service.

The very first thing to consider says Scott is that whichever seminar marketing company you choose to market your seminars is ultimately an extension of and often times the first impression of your company.

When you engage in pay per click advertising says Scott you risk that your ad ends up on a landing page and that a potential student bookmarks that page for later reference. When the training seeker returns they may and probably will find that your ad is gone and thus may reason that you or your company is no longer in business.

The second most important thing to consider is does the seminar marketing service that you select to represent your company offer the level of customer service that your own customer service staff provides?

FindaSeminar has professional customer services agents with over 25 years experience that offer a high level of customer service on training providers behalf during and after hours unlike many internet based seminar marketing services that do not offer customer service at all. Some seminar marketing services offer only email follow up to customer concerns and still others offer phone support but not toll free or limited service only during normal business hours.

The third important consideration for choosing a seminar marketing company is their track record of success. How long have they been in business? What is there track record of performance in delivering paid registrations. Is their system accommodating to your needs or will using their services cause your own company extra work and cost? And finally will they be in business or will you be left holding the bag when they go out of business and your customers both past present and future notice their site is gone and think that you are out of business?

Scott reminds training providers that has delivered over 50,000 paid registrations and has received numerous letters of thanks for the level and quality of customer service that they have provided training seekers that visit FindaSeminar to search find and register for over 100,000 training seminars currently listed on the site.

Scott encourages training and seminar providers to utilize the measurement tools provided in this guide to choose the best seminar marketing services for them and invites interested seminar and training providers to call for more information about seminar marketing services offered by the company.

About Us: is the worlds largest training search engine and a division of Allied Internet Solutions Inc. a Houston Texas based Internet consulting firm. has been offering Seminar marketing services and delivering paid registrations and satisfied customers to hundreds of seminar providers since early 2002.


Seminar Marketing Tips Offered By

Worlds leading training search engine shares lessons learned with training providers seeking to fill more seats at their upcoming seminars workshops and conferences

Some of the most important information about seminars workshops conferences and training classes is often missing from seminar marketing materials says Scott Alliy President of the worlds largest training search engine.

Basic information about your company and your event must be included in all marketing materials if you wish to have a successful seminar or training event. This fact does not change whether your seminar marketing materials are printed brochures Internet information and registration pages or even on a recorded message adds Scott.

The most important thing to remember when designing seminar marketing materials is that you are the creator of the event and not the person seeking the valuable education you are providing. Be sure to write your copy to attract your audience and not just to please yourself.

Basic information that must be included in all printed seminar marketing materials includes the title of your event which should clearly articulate the course purpose. Good descriptive titles will help you qualify your audience. People that attend events that are of most interest and benefit to them will likely tell others about your seminars.

If the audience will get a certificate upon completion of the class if so tell them in your seminar marketing materials.

Customize the agenda to fit the marketing media you are using but in all cases keep your agenda conscise so as not to overburden the reader or cause doubt or confusion about if yours is the right class for them at this time.

Be sure to include information about the start time end time and break schedule of your event and finally clearly tell the reader your cancellation policy so there will be no disagreement in the event they cannot attend.

Follow these simple basic rules adds Scott and your next seminar workshop conference or training class could be your most profitable ever.

About Us: offers seminar marketing services via the internet. Currently over 150000 training classes seminars workshops and conferences held by over 250 training providers in the U.S. and Canada are listed on The synergy and name recognition created by the convenience slection and ease of use for training seekers has allowed to generate over 50,000 registrations for training and seminar providers seeking to market their event. For more details about the company and to add your seminars and training classes workshops and conferences to the training search engine visit /

Contact Us. Request information about upcoming training seminars workshops and conferences in   and other cities listed on Submit a support request

or send us E-Mail: Training Provider Directory Adds New Seminar Marketing And Search Tools

New features make it easy for seminar and training providers and training seekers to connect the worlds largest training search engine has announced that it has added new features to its training provider directory to provide enhanced seminar marketing services and search and registration capabilities.

The newly designed training directory features more exposure opportunities for training providers and new fast search links that direct training seekers to information pages about upcoming seminars where they can research and register for classes of interest to them.

According to Scott Alliy creator and President of "Seminar marketing has never been easier thanks to the growing number of qualified training seekers that visit combined with a wealth of new tools we provide such as the new training provider directory that make it easy for them to search find and register for training seminars workshops and conferences."

What makes so successful claims Scott is the fact that hundreds of training providers list their training events and thousands of training seekers visit the site to view thousands of training classes seminars workshops and conferences that are listed."

The company started in 2003 with just three training providers and a handful of seminar listings and today represents over 200 training providers and lists over 150,000 training seminars workshops and conferences.

Please visit / for more details about their seminar marketing services or to search find and register for training seminars workshops and conferences in the U.S. and Canada.

About Us: is the worlds largest training search engine offering technical training management training healthcare training and training in most any industry or category. Training seekers can visit to shop compare and register for over 150000 training seminars. Training providers can visit and add their training seminars to the events database while taking advantage of pay for performance marketing services offered exclusively by


New Seminar Marketing Service Announced By

Seminar Category Sponsorship program provides exclusive advertising to thousands of training seekers monthly the one stop training search engine and registration tool has announced a new marketing service for seminar and training providers.

According to Scott Alliy creator and President of "Many of our clients have asked for training seekers to view more of their upcoming seminars training classes workshops and conferences".

Our new category Sponsorship allows seminar and training providers to target highly qualified training prospects who click on the Featured classes links that lead straight to a list of upcoming seminars in that category of training held only by the category sponsor.

This is just one more example of the tremendous benefits that niche market search engines provide and we are happy to lead the field in innovative yet ethical marketing programs for the hundreds of training providers and thousands of training seekers that visit each day. has just completed a total system and software upgrade making the training seminar search engine the fastest as well as the largest of its kind in the world. FAS has become a favorite of HR directors and training coordinators worldwide for it's ease of use and wide range of available courses from hundreds of the top training providers in the U.S. and Canada.

Scott adds that the company has just added thousands of 2007 training seminars to it's growing list of upcoming seminars and training events for training seekers to search review and register for.

For more information about the new Category Sponsorship seminar marketing service or to find training seminars conferences and workshops anywhere in the U.S. and Canada please visit /

About Us: is the worlds largest training search engine offering seminar marketing services to pulic and in house or on site training providers. The website offers pay-for-performance seminar marketing services to over 400 current clients and offers a free suite of tools to training seekers wishing to quickly and easily research and register for training classes and seminars of interest to them.


New Seminar Marketing Service From Helps Training Providers Raise Attendance And Lower Costs

Training seekers choose to shop compare and register for training by 250 listed training providers.

Training seminar providers looking to increase attendance at their training events while lowering marketing costs have found a friend in

The worlds largest training search engine provides pay for performance based seminar marketing services to over 230 companies currently.

According to Scott Alliy President of Allied Internet Solutions Inc. a Houston Based consulting company and creator of the seminar search engine "We have the capacity to provide listing space and paid registrations to many thousands more training providers and it is our company mission to do just that".

Mr. Alliy has seen grow from 3 training providers to over 250 training providers and from a scant few registrations to over 1000 registrations processed monthly for the multiple training providers that represents.

Our service works so well according to Scott because it provides the selection convenience and ease of use that training seekers want. Using our service a training seeker can shop over 150,000 training classes in over 100 different catagories in just moments.

There are many advertising opportunities for training providers outside listing their events in the database and listing their company in the Training Provider Directory including front page space in the Featured Training provider and Featured training ad boxes.

Training seekers who wish to enjoy the benefits of one stop training search and registration and the free training search and recording tools are encouraged to visit the website /.

About Us: is a leading seminar and training search engine offering over a combination of over 120000 public and in house training seminars by National Seminars Group, Skillpath, American Management Association, Fred Pryor Seminars, Vyne Education and other well known training providers in all areas of the U.S. and Canada. Announces New Seminar Marketing Tools

New seminar marketing products help training providers capture the attention of thousands of training seekers who visit the leading training and seminar search engine on the Internet announced new seminar marketing products for training providers who want to connect with training seekers with interest in their training classes.

According to Scott Alliy President of the amount of training seekers that use our training search engine numbers in the tens of thousands to over one hundred thousand visitors per month. This growth has allowed us to offer new marketing products to the over 250 training providers who list their services and seminars and training classes on

The three new products include two graphical advertising spaces and ten text link spaces on the home page of We have made ten Feature Company listing spaces and ten Feature Training listing spaces available on the newly designed home page according to Scott. Training providers can order either of these ad spaces on a monthly basis for a fee. Ad spaces will be offered on a first come first serve basis and requests for space can be ordered up to three months in advance. Text links will also be available on a first come first serve basis. All ads will be directly linked to their company information page located in the Training Provider Directory.

Training providers who require more information about either of the three new marketing products or about listing their company and training classes on can visit the website at /

About Us: is the worlds largest training search engine offering free training search and registration tools and pay for performance marketing services. Training Seminar Search Engine Announces New Seminar Marketing Services For Training Seminar Providers

Worlds leading training search engine offers pay-for-performance seminar marketing services and free training and seminar search tools.

In response to the increasing number and variety of training providers who now use seminar marketing services the company has announced several new marketing plans to choose from each with benefit to specific types and sizes of training companies.

The Base seminar marketing product is the opportunity for training companies to list their services in the Training Provider Directory a feature of the seminar and training search engine that is visited daily by thousands of training seekers. A listing in the Training provider directory (TPD)contains all the information training seekers need to contact any training company listed in the directory to get more details about the training that those companies offer.

The second addition to the suite of seminar marketing products offered by is the Training provider listing with logo. The addition of a company logo helps to brand your training company and serves to catch the eye of training seekers who surf the directory

The third new seminar marketing service added to the training search engine is the Enhanced Training Provider listing. The Enhanced training provider listing in the Training provider directory is important since it includes a full page ad for the companies that choose this option but even more importantly training providers and seminar providers that choose this option of listing in the training proivider directory qualify to list their public seminars in the seminar and training search engine on a pay-for-performance basis.

Vendors who qualify for listing in the seminar database pay a small per registration fee only for paid registrations that delivers to them. Seminar and training providers are quickly realizing that is performing to the tune of thousands of registrations for month for the training providers that have contracted with for seminar marketing services. The trainin and seminar providers are also realizing that's pay-for-performance business model is a very real option to the bullet approach and hgih cost of using direct mail marketing to marketing their seminars and training events.

The final seminar marketing product recently added to the suite of seminar marketing products is the VIP program. receives several requests for in-house-training on various topics relating to business and corporate policy and other HR and personnel and personal development topics. Training providers that provide on-site or in house training can reserve prime consideration for all requests for services by joining the VIP traininer program.

More details about these new training and seminar marketing services offered by can be found by visiting the website /

About Us: is the worlds largest training search engine offering seminar marketing services to pulic and in house or on site training providers. The website offers pay-for-performance seminar marketing services to over 400 current clients and offers a free suite of tools to training seekers wishing to quickly and easily research and register for training classes and seminars of interest to them.


How Speakers, Trainers, Coaches And Consultants Lose Money
It's often been said, "You can't be all things to all people." So I accept the fact that as a speaker, trainer, coach or consultant, you can't offer every service or topic that your clients may want or need. But you need to get as close as possible if you want to gain as much as possible from that relationship and ensure an easier road to referrals!

The toughest part about the human development industry is FINDING a CLIENT. Providing that client with whatever service they wanted is the EASY part - the FUN part! So once you have gained a client, you need to keep your involvement with them purposeful and profitable. That means you must be prepared to offer them a comprehensive and coordinated menu of programs and services.

You must ALWAYS have something your clients want to buy.

But in all of the years we've been advising professionals, we've heard countless stories of speakers who captivate an audience with a 60-minute keynote, but don't have any longer, more in-depth training to offer. We've worked with trainers who don't offer coaching - and coaches who don't offer training. And consultants who are great working on a project with a few people but are terrified to step up on stage and speak!

Some of the gaps may very well be by choice - but, for the most part, professionals in our industry simply don't SEE what they're missing. In fact, of all of the speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants we've worked with, the average score they gave when asked how big of a problem gaps in programs and services are to them, was just 2.4 on a 10-point scale. Yet when they completed an inventory of what they have to offer their clients, 100% of them determined that were, in fact,

missing something that could have been an additional source of revenue for them.

So many people in our industry are in a serious rut. They're teaching the same material and using the same techniques as they have been for years - and many of them are teaching concepts and using tools that existed years, generations, centuries … even millennia before they were born. That's not to suggest that there aren't topics and approaches that are truly timeless - but step into the confessional here for a moment and recognize what a bunch of recyclers we've become.

That rut has stopped the progress of many of our peers - and most certainly slowed the progress of many of their clients.

Here's a quick overview of the "Five Gaps in Programs & Services." Answer each of the questions asked - and then answer the BIG QUESTION:

1) Alignment Gaps

a) Do the programs and services you offer your clients continue to meet their needs year after year?

b) Have most of your clients used your services every year since you first met them - or were they interested and involved for a period of time, but have since moved on?

c) Is it time for you to realign yourself to the realities of the world in which your prospects and clients live and work - and revitalize the substance and value of what you

have to offer?

2) Topic Gaps

a) Are you offering topics that have been specifically requested by your prospects and clients or do you find yourself selling them on a subject you feel strongly about but wasn't requested by them?

b) When the economy takes a downward turn, would the average decision maker you work with consider what you offer to be mission-critical or mission-optional?

c) What percentage of the content you cover existed before you were born - and how much of it is unique to you?

3) Format Gaps

a) Are the programs and services you provide pre-mapped to relatively pre-set timeframes - or do you custom construct a solution for each client?

b) Do you have sufficient content to fill programs ranging from a simple keynote address to a multi-week workshop?

c) If your clients preferred to deliver the program themselves, are you able to certify them to do so?

4) Service Gaps

a) To what degree have you integrated pre-training consulting and post-training coaching into your standard offerings?

b) What instruments and assessments do you routinely suggest to your clients?

c) Are the instruments you use unique to your practice or are they commonly found among all your peers?

5) Support Gaps

a) What do you routinely provide your clients in terms of follow up reinforcement?

b) How often do your clients ask you how you ensure the long term benefits of the program you conducted?

c) What percentage of your clients do NOT take advantage of your suggestions?

So now for the BIG question: "How many gaps do YOU have in your programs and services and how much revenue has that cost you?"

Of course, these are but a few of the questions you need to routinely ask yourself to keep your programs and services up-to-date, state-of-the-art and in great demand by your existing and prospective clients.

T. Falcon Napier is an internationally-recognized human development expert, specializing in sales, leadership and change management. His organization identifies, certifies and supports independent and corporate training professionals in the design, delivery and reinforcement of the entire family of programs and professional services based on the MasterStream Method. Qualified instructors are encouraged to learn more at

Article Source:

Training Seminar News Portal Adds Seminar Workshop Conference Training Class Reviews

Whether you have had a good or bad experience at a seminar workshop conference or training class SeminarNewsNetwork and TrainingNewsNetwork want to know.

Allied Internet Solutions Inc. creator of has recently added two new websites to its worlds largest training network. and two new training industry news portals are dedicated to news and information about the Training industry and specifically training classes onsite training services public seminars workshops and conferences.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to post and comment on articles relating to training seminars conferences and workshops occurring in the U.S. and around the world.

If you have news relating the the training and seminar industry we want to hear about it says Scott Alliy President of Allied Internet Solutions Inc. and creator of where he says the companies affection and affinity with the training events world all began.

If you are a training provider with upcoming seminars training classes conferences and workshops or other training events and are your chance to communicate the news.

If you are a training seeker looking for more information about a class or to leave a review about a training class seminar workshop or conference that you may have attended says Scott and are also for you.

Adds Scott "When you contribute training industry news or information in our niche news information portals everybody wins by becoming more informed and thus being able to make more informed decisions about what training options are available and which are best for you".

For more information or to contribute seminar and training news and information please visit or

About Us: and are niche news and information portals and part of the training and seminar network. Allied Internet Solutions Inc. a Houston Texas based Internet consulting firm is the parent company of and


Seminar Marketing Tips for Seminar Providers Offered By creator

Marketing your own seminar is tough but the task can be made much simpler by following a few simple guidelines according to Scott Alliy an Internet marketing expert and creator of the worlds largest training search engine.

Most important advises Scott is to understand the difference between traditional direct mail marketing and Internet marketing.  Direct mail is a form of Push marketing whereby you are pushing advertising material to prospects to alert them to your event.

In contrast listing your seminars on is a form of Pull marketing whereby your prospects have more control over there buying decisions and can visit the internet and pull information about your event and register at the same time.

To understand why the internet is becoming more important in terms of seminar marketing all one needs to do is acknowledge that telemarketing is not an option for seminars since that form of marketing has been greatly reduced if not eliminated due to the do not call list. In addition says Scott the Go Green initiative is creating pressure on seminar providers to limit the number of seminar brochures that they send. Add the rising cost of postage and it is easy to see why the Internet provides the best seminar marketing option for seminar providers going forward.

Scott reminds seminar marketing companies considering using the Internet to marketing their seminars to follow some simple guidelines that will provide maximum roi on their cost and efforts regarding marketing their seminar.

Be sure to start advertising your event well in advance of the actual date.
Be sure to list your seminars on where it will be seen by the largest possible target audience.
Add your seminar brochures or event brochures to
Be sure to put all the information into your on line listing that you would ordinarily include in your print brochure.
If possible create electronic versions of your training to offer interested individuals that may not be able to attend the event.
If you provide customer onsite versions of your seminar or training be sure to notify your audience of that availability.

For more details about how to and the benefits of marketing your seminar on the Internet please visit /

How to Organize a Seminar or an Event
Seminars and events have always been implemented as a holistic experience to participants. Thus, organizing an event requires extensive planning and preparation with most work implemented at least a few months before the actual event. Most of the time, seminars seem to run like clockwork with all events flowing smoothly according to schedule. In reality however, much groundwork has been worked on with the purpose of developing the right atmosphere in addition to a beneficial experience to partipants.

1. Establishing the theme of the event

Each event follows a theme and purpose which will drive the event set-up, the target audiences or the participants, the guests and the marketing approach. In general, a business event such as an international conference for a particular industry will appeal to participants conducting businesses within that industry as well as sponsors who gain mileage out of publicizing their products during the event.

Apart from that, the theme of the seminar will also determine the type of marketing channels to be used to for publicity. This also holds true for the seminar marketing team who will need the event theme to correctly identify target participants and companies to sell the event to.

2. Selecting a venue

Venue selection is highly dependent on the scale of the event. Usually this is determined by the number of participants, the presence of any guests of honor (such as royalty or politicians) the activities during the event, or if there are additional floor space required for exhibition purposes.

A typical seminar of about 100 – 200 can be comfortably implemented in a hotel seminar room, possibly in a theater style setting or classroom setting. However, larger scale events with participant numbers scaling between 500 – 1000 may require a large hall, ballroom, auditorium or a convention center.

The location and quality standard of the venue is also important especially if the event involves the participation of VIPs. With this, a reputable location would be imperative, including good quality and wide range of seminar facilities available. It is always wise to explore the possibility of a few venues and examine their location suitability, level of services, ambience, and costs before coming to a decision.

3. Seminar Marketing and Publicity

Seminar marketing is by far the most critical and often most challenging task in event organizing, and is often regarded as the most critical factor of an event’s success. This is because the number of participants turning up for a seminar is highly dependent on the strength of marketing activities and publicity. Whether or not the event achieves its objective or whether the organizers will walk home with a profit or loss largely depends on the marketability of the event. This means that the right marketing strategy and seminar positioning must be adopted in order to draw adequate event sign-ups.

Most of the time, event organizers who have large budgets will turn to above the line marketing such as newspaper and magazine advertisements as well as radio and television advertising to publicize the event. Press releases may also be sent in to major newspapers, in order to create the awareness of the upcoming event. Additionally, large advertising media banners and posters can also be purchased to advertise the event in high human traffic areas. When using print advertising, the specific magazine or newspaper used must have the target audience of your event as their primary readership base. Also all print media should be copy written with an enticing approach, highlighting the extensive benefits of participation.

However, if budget is a problem, then below the line marketing may also do wonders. If the event is industry specific, mass faxing to companies belonging to the industry would be feasible. Telemarketing is a very effective marketing channel to create awareness within the right participant group. Additionally, dispatching sales personnel to attend to the requirements of large participant groups is an ideal and effective strategy. Mass emailing has become one of the most cost-efficient methods to reach out to large target audiences. This would be really useful if the event organizer already have an existing database. Otherwise, a list of names can be rented from database companies to attain the same results.

4. Collaboration with sponsors

Getting reputable sponsors to participate in an event will help boost the creditability of the event, as well as reduce costs. Sponsors can also help with marketing, as they also help publicize your event to their customers. Apart from that, some of the sponsors can chip in on venue rental in exchange for exhibition space or publicity for themselves. Some sponsors also require a short message of their company to be given to the participants during the event. Others give away sample products or door gifts to participants.

5. Managing People and working with speakers

A seminar will not be successful without the people running it, as well as the speakers sharing their knowledge to the participants. Invite speakers who are of caliber and reputation to the event, and who will provide the participants with relevant information to their work, industry or business. Prepare the speakers beforehand and work with them on their Power point presentations as well as pre-inform them of the logistics processes, timing as well as the expected audience size. Check with them on any special requests, such as the requirement for an overhead projector or additional microphones to be used for question and answer sessions.

All events require a good team of people handling tasks on ushering, registration, customer service as well as handling financials. Familiarize the team with any required event protocol to eliminate the possibility of confusion or error. In order to ensure smooth implementation, each person should be familiar with their individual roles. This can be ensured through a preparation of a detailed schedule of events coupled with roles and responsibilities for each person. Ideally, a project manager should control the whole team and ensure that everyone is carrying out their duties efficiently. Apart from that, the project manager also has the delegated authority to deal with all parties such as the venue management as well as the sponsors and event exhibitors.

6. Actual Day – Preparation, Registration, Ushering, Feedback

All seminar planning and preparations, constituting 80% of total work involved, cascade to the actual event which may last only for a few hours or a few days. On the day before the event, visit the venue to ensure that everything is in order according the requirements and specifications. Microphones, projectors, audio and video systems must be all checked to be in excellent working order. Over at the office, have a packing list prepared and get all require items transferred to the actual venue at least a day before the event. Event staff should be dispatched to work on site preparations, including setting up booths, decorations and posters, the day before the event.

On the actual day, staff should be present at the venue at least 1 ½ hours before commencement. They should report to their duty stations and must be ready to receive participants half an hour before they are scheduled to file in. Registrations must be made at the door to ensure authorized access. Name tags, door gifts and event schedules or booklets will be given out at this point and ushers will show participants to their seats in the event hall.

Staff will also be responsible for providing advice or help to participants during the event. Finally, feedback forms should be distributed and then collected from participants to determine the satisfaction level on all aspects of the event experience. This is in order to receive pointers, ideas and advice for future improvements.

Matt Bacak, The Powerful Promoter and Entrepreneur Magazine e-Biz radio show host, became a "#1 Best Selling Author" in just a few short hours. He has helped a number of clients target his specialty, opt-in email direct marketing systems. The Powerful Promoter is not only a sought-after internet marketer but has also marketed for some of the world's top experts whose reputations would shrivel if their followers ever found out someone else coached them on their online marketing strategies.

For more information, visit Bacak's site at or sign up for his Powerful Promoting Tips at

Do The Latest Marketing Techniques And Strategies Actually Help Market Your Business?
know, I know...


"Joe, of course the best and latest marketing strategies are going to bring the boatload of profits and worry - free business they promise!"

Sure they can...but is your business at that level yet?

Come on now, put your ego aside and really do an honest self - evaluation here.

Does your current marketing process carry a client from "just looking" to "sold" effortlessly?

Some things to keep in mind when you are analyzing the strength of your current marketing efforts:

1) Message - does your marketing message contain and promote your Unique Selling Proposition? If not (and most marketing messages don't) then this is the first step of implementing the "basic" marketing rules to your business. If you do not know what a Unique Selling Proposition is...well...why even begin to look at the latest and greatest marketing techniques in the first place? Walk before you run, grasshopper.

By the way, this is the most basic of marketing techniques...and the most often overlooked or not even used.

2) Market - For those few businesses that actually have defined their U.S.P., the next step is to match your unique message to your market, or the clients you wish to target. The key word there is target. If you fail to clearly identify who your ideal client is...your money will run out someday and your business will fail, period. To start you off targeting your market, think of your market in this manner:

--You want the most clients in a pool of the most defined niche possible...for example:

Targeting a huge pool of clients like "all males" or "all females" is not good enough of a target.


a) Targeting "All females, 25 - 34, with median income of over $30,000 in the household" is a good start depending on your product or service, and your U.S.P. if it is well developed.


b) Business Opportunity seekers that have recently purchased a mid - level coaching program.


c) Real Estate Investors that deal specifically with pre - foreclosures.

Do you see the common thread in each of a, b, and c?

The market is actually narrowed a little bit further than the general category. What you are shooting for here is a sizable enough market of potential clients, but narrowed enough so you can be considered a "specialist" in that market.

Match your U.S.P. and message to your market correctly...

And you will have all the profits your business needs. But there is one more "basic" marketing technique that you need to master before you advance your business to the level where you can start to think about using all of those bigger and better advanced strategies you keep looking at.

3) Basic Marketing Media and Testing - The "how you're reaching your market" stuff. What is the best media to use? Are you testing different approaches and then developing those that work?

Even for internet may not be the best place to market your product, but rather the best spot for the client to place their order. Offline media such as newspaper, direct mail, seminar marketing, and others may actually work to promote an online business better than simply directing Pay Per Click ads at a website offering a "freebie" or introductory offer.

My own business is a perfect example of this.

I offer marketing coaching, copywriting, and a couple of internet resources on my website at but I do not use PPC advertising at all. Mainly local, targeted, direct mail and seminar marketing. I have found a greater response rate using these methods combined with article marketing on the web. I have thoroughly tested my market, my U.S.P (offering complimentary coaching sessions with my copywriting services), and found offline methods to be more profitable for my business.

But your business may be different. So test for yourself, use the techniques that work best with your U.S.P. and clearly targeted market...and watch your profits soar.

And quit searching for the "next big thing" until your business is in a position to maximize profits using those techniques. Master the basics first.

See you at the top.

Joseph Ratliff is a professional marketing consultant, trainer, and speaker.

You can grab your copy of the report "Double Your Business In 90 Days" at . Hurry, only 250 copies will be given away.

Using Seminars to Market Your Accounting, Consulting or Tax Practice

Seminar marketing is one of the most productive and cost-effective ways to build your financial practice!

You can:

• Obtain an implied endorsement of you and your practice through sponsorship
• Increase your visibility in the community and develop long-term relationships with small businesses organizations
• Present seminars to large groups of qualified prospects with similar needs
• Utilize a systematic marketing process
• Reduce your marketing expenses while increasing your ability to meet qualified, motivated prospects:

• $4,000 to $8,000 for local media advertising

• $2,000 to $3,000 for a direct marketing campaign

• $150-$300 to fill the room at a seminar sponsored by a local organization

Your Window of Opportunity

Sponsored seminars are expected to grow 10 to 15% annually for the next decade. The following factors have created greater demand for seminars sponsored by community organizations and financial institutions:

• Entrepreneurs starting their first business
• Better managemnt skills needed in an existing business
• Employee lawsuits threatening business stability scandal
• Individual business owners seeking financial education
• Employers evaluating new systems and procedures

A Better Way Build Your Accounting, Consulting or Tax Practice

Sponsored seminar marketing provides you with a repeatable, systematic marketing process.

You can leverage your time and money more effectively to accomplish your most difficult practice building steps listed below:

1. Prospecting

• Sponsored seminar marketing puts you in front of more people

• Sponsored seminars give you credibility through an implied endorsement

• You can reduce your marketing expenses by 75%-90%

2. Education

• Your seminars give you a forum to educate attendees

• Build trust and rapport in a noncommercial, interactive environment

• Showcase your expertise and establish your integrity

3. Data Gathering

• Performed by the attendee as part of the seminar process

• Learn techniques that lead to greater than 50% client conversion

4. Decision Making

• Streamline the decision-making process

• Educated prospects understand your recommendations

5. Implementation

• Learn how to make a smooth transition from educator to advisor

6. Client Retention

• Client appreciation seminars make annual reviews easy and profitable

• Open new doors to small businesses during the process

The result - you convert a high percentage of the qualified prospects you meet into lifelong clients.

You Need A Seminar Marketing Tool Kit

Your Seminar Marketing Tool Kit should include the following:

• Sponsor solicitation materials

• Scripts, checklists, and marketing approaches to open doors to local organizations for sponsorship.

• Topics for seminar promotion, closing techniques, and specific actions steps to help you implement your marketing strategy right away.

Kirk Ward provides free marketing resources for accountants, consultants and tax professionals at

Or, you can visit and tell Kirk what you need to make your professional practice grow.

Is Seminar Marketing Overdone?

Don’t believe the scuttle butt. Presented well and to the right audience with the right follow-up systems; seminars are still an extremely effective marketing tool for financial advisors. The problem is that many advisors aren’t paying attention to these details. Are there advisors using seminars effectively? Yes! In fact, some of the very top advisor coaches are convincing their clients to focus more on seminar marketing in these turbulent times and these advisors are reaping large harvests from their efforts.

Why use seminar marketing?

Begin with the end in mind, says Steven Covey. In this case, we want to collect a group of highly-motivated, high-value clients from our seminar marketing. We want the return on investment (ROI) to be extremely attractive. We want these to run like clock work. We want our seminars to consume the least amount of our time. Does that about sum it up?

The primary objective of seminars is to generate a lot of new business, not to get compliments on your teaching ability, humorous stories or the quality of the meal you serve.

There are several links in this chain: we need to make sure that the audience has the potential to meet our expectation, we need to close for appointments with 50% of the attendees and we need to convert those appointments into business.

How do you get a target audience?

What is your target audience? A target audience is one where the audience’s needs and concerns are aligned with your value proposition and service offering. For example, if your ideal client is the active, affluent senior living in Temecula California then don’t expect good results from a seminar that appeals to Baby Boomers with education funding concerns.

In the seminar business there are two ways to qualify attendees: first is with the right mailing list and the second is through the invitation’s copy. The right list means using a vendor with a large enough database of households and data points about those households to match your target audience. If your target audience is affluent seniors, then you really don’t have a targeted audience. That’s simply too broad. But if your target audience were retired boat owners in the state of Texas who were married, owned their homes and were over age 62, then you would be getting closer to a target audience.

How do you qualify with copy?

You want certain characteristics in your audience. For instance, you might be focusing on the IRA rollover market among retirees who own their homes in central Arkansas. When you write the copy you insert phrases like, “You must attend this seminar if you are planning an IRA rollover in the next 6 months.” Or, “If your IRA is worth less than $250,000 then you might not benefit from this workshop.”

How do you get qualified, targeted leads to your seminars?

Once you have aligned your value proposition with your target market you are well on your way. The next task is to rent space in the mind of your target audience through drip marketing.

Drip marketing is extremely effective because you send promotional pieces with clear, constant and consistent marketing messages to a targeted group over a period of time. The group begins to identify you through the pieces and you become like a jingle they just can’t get out of their heads. Once you’re on their mind and they make contact, you simply have to follow through with your value proposition.

As you send out your promotional pieces consider putting a schedule of your seminars in them, so there’s plenty of opportunities for people to make it to your presentation. The more opportunities you give them to hear what you have to offer, the better your chances of getting them to your presentation.

You can market your seminars through the promotional pieces to catch your target group’s attention and drive them to your event. However, the copy in these pieces must not only have the aforementioned qualifiers, but must be fresh, engaging and professional. You must communicate quickly and often how you can earn or save them more money.

If you are looking for more training and education on seminar marketing then go to and look under the market tab. You will find highly-detailed, easy-to-use marketing strategies to build out your brand, capture market share and reach financial independence.

Does your CRM just lay there? Bring it to life with ( , the original web-based brand management tool for financial advisors. This one application integrates your CRM with your website and generates four color print-on-demand newsletters and postcards. If you are a registered rep, all your marketing communication is linked to your compliance officer’s desktop.

Reprinted with permission from the Ezine: "Delivering Today’s Trends the Advisor Professional" (

How to Publicize a Seminar
Public speaking is a great way to obtain new clients and further establish your expertise as a service professional. You can go about this in two ways. First, you can speak at meetings or events hosted by others. Second, you can host a seminar yourself. If you choose to do the latter, here are five ways how to publicize a seminar.

1) Do a Webinar!- If you really want to do a seminar, but find yourself struggling with the logistics (location, finding the right time, etc.), go with a webinar instead. Your participants can call in, listen to you deliver the seminar, and follow along with your slides. An added bonus to hosting a webinar is that you can save it as a podcast and let even more people listen to it later.

2) Partner Up- Publicize your seminar through businesses that offer services complimentary to yours. For example, if you are hosting a seminar in order to show people how to do their own taxes, you can partner with a local law firm to advertise it. In turn, you can offer to advertise their services at your seminar by placing their banner at the back of the room or by giving out their business cards.

3) Get Bloggers on Board!- Ask local bloggers and specifically, bloggers who blog about your topic to advertise your seminar. Some may charge you a fee and some may share the information with their readers for free. The reason blogs are a great medium for publicizing seminars is because bloggers already have a strong following and if their readers are interested in your particular topic, it works out perfectly.

4) Give Away FREE tickets- Radio stations are always looking for free giveaways and this can get you some free advertising! Offer a pair of free tickets as a giveaway to a key local radio station (hint-the radio station your target market listens to).

5) Donate Part of the Profits to a Charity- Find a charity that appeals to you and is somewhat related to your business and offer to give them part of the profits from the seminar. For example, if you are a coach for moms, you can pick a children's charity. Most charities will help you get the word out to their demographic. If their demographic is also your target market-it is a win win for all involved!

Seminars can be a challenge to market, especially if you are not well known but if you use smart marketing techniques it can be very rewarding experience!


Internet Marketing Tips - The Importance Of Seminars
A lot of people I speak to tell me that seminars are just cheerleading sessions. Well, I beg to disagree. Attending seminars may just be one of the most important things you can do for your Internet marketing career. Many careers have literally be launched because of these seminars with the people attending thanking their lucky stars for deciding to go. But why? Why are seminars so important? What is it about them that can turn a nobody into the next Internet guru? This article is going to explain why seminars are so important and why you'd be foolish to pass up an opportunity to go to one.

Probably the most important reason to attend seminars is exposure. I know you're probably thinking, "But nobody even knows who I am. Who's going to notice me?" That's the point. There are going to be a lot of big names at these seminars. If you take the time to introduce yourself and strike up a conversation with these people, you'll be surprised at the reception you'll get. Don't try to sell anything or push for a JV or anything like that. Just be yourself and speak casually. Most of these people will ask about you and what you do. Over the course of the evening, don't be surprised if you end up going home with a JV deal. It happens all the time.

Another reason to go to seminars is, believe it or not, that you'll actually learn something at these events. Many seminars, because of the price tag that comes with them, will end up teaching you things that you're just not going to learn anywhere else. Most seminars have multiple speakers with all kinds of expertise. You'll learn about copywriting, traffic generation and a wide assortment of things. Bring a pad and a pen. You'll be doing a lot of writing. With all you'll learn, you'll have a very good shot at launching a successful product very soon afterwards.

A third reason to go to these seminars is because you will find a lot of offers for some amazing products at prices that you're just not going to find anywhere else. Some of the biggest names will be selling products that would normally cost you several hundred dollars for a song. This is where you really save a lot of money in the long run. And many of these products are top notch.

So for those of you who think that seminars are just a waste of time, between the networking, the information you'll learn and the money you'll save on great products, attending a seminar can be one of the best things you can do for your Internet marketing career.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

Tired of busting your behind for peanuts online? Go to my web site and find out how I earn a monthly income that exceeds 5 figures and how I can help YOU do the same. Get your free report at
Successful Marketing Through Seminars
One of the best ways for potential clients to find out about you and your company is through public speaking. Free seminars attract potential clients. It is a chance for them to get information straight from you. You are the best marketing tool for your business. Speaking to groups is nothing more than a large conversation. It is powerful and efficient marketing.

By making the seminar free, you engender goodwill from your audience. By addressing issues of concern to them, you are validating their perceptions that the topic you are speaking about, is an important one. By offering good, sound, and thorough advice, you establish yourself as an expert.

A number of dynamics take place when you are in front of a group of people. First, you are the center of attention. Each member of the audience feels as if your are speaking directly to him or her. You’re not an envelope that goes unopened. Your are not a telemarketing call that comes at dinnertime. You’re not a television commercial that gets clicked off in favor of another channel. Speaking to a group puts you at the forefront of message delivery and effective communication. You are having a conversation with an audience. Sure, members of the audience can walk out of the room, but of those present, you have their undivided attention.

As you speak, you are also establishing credibility with the audience. Hopefully, this audience has potential paying clients. If they don’t, you shouldn’t be speaking to them. You establish yourself as an expert in whatever you are talking about. People like buying from experts. They feel comfortable buying from people they know and trust.

Give complete information in conjunction with your self-promotion. Don’t hold back, don’t offer just enough information to peak their interest. Elaborate on each topic you choose, supplementing theoretical information with case studies or anecdotes. Establish the depth of your knowledge along with your expertise.

It’s important to understand, that speaking to a group is marketing, not selling. Your speaking should offer something of value, not a direct pitch. Potential speaking topics that are marketing and value oriented are things that are solutions to problems, such as weight loss or money management.

You won’t get 100% of the attendees to become clients. Some people attend such events out of general interest rather than a particular need. But if you dedicate two or three hours of your time one of two evenings a month to addressing subjects with which you are already very familiar, you will see an increase in your client base that will repay your minimal expense and effort.

There are many types of potential audiences. These include community organizations, professional groups, trade associations, and civic groups. Your current prospects and existing customers are also excellent target audiences as well. Here’s an example of how you could promote your free seminar.

Create an ad or mailing piece announcing a free 90 or 120 minute seminar on a subject of wide general interest. Relate the presentation to your specialty. For example, a medical doctor could talk about breakthrough techniques for overcoming, eliminating, or avoiding cancer or arthritis. Another topic could be ten medically safe methods of losing weight. A financial planner or tax accountant could present a seminar on sheltering income.

After a headline announcing the topic, the copy should talk about your credentials, accomplishments, achievements, and any articles that have been written about your practice or specialty. Here’s an example of how your copy might read: “Dr. Wells is a specialist in this subject. He’s conducted research and he’s perfected techniques. He will present a seminar for people interested in the topic but who do not know the facts. This seminar will be held from______ to ______on_______.

Admission must be free but people need to have a reserved ticket in advance for admission. To do this simply give them a number to call or a Web address where they can pre-register. By doing this you can capture their names and addresses for future mailings. You could simply collect names at the door, but by having them reserve a ticket in advance it makes it more professional and easier the day of the event to have your attendees just present a ticket to get in.

Another way to create an audience for a seminar is to contact business and professional organizations, such as the Rotary Club or the local Chamber of Commerce. Offer to speak on subjects of importance to the group. For example, a medical doctor might speak about stress reduction to businessmen and women. A CPA might offer to speak on loopholes still available to corporations after recent tax changes. A lawyer might talk about how to write non-compete clauses, or how to write contracts, or how to patent or license concepts or ideas. In order for the group to invite its members and to get a good turnout, your topic needs to be of major interest to them.

Your seminar should be split into two parts. In the first half, peak their interest with anecdotal information. Then have a short 15 minute break During this break mingle with the audience, distribute your business cards, brochure, or any other information you’ve put together about your business.

In the second half of the seminar, offer some service that’s free but designed to capture valuable information. For example, conduct a quick survey of your audience. This survey should be on something of interest to them, such as a personality profile or something else that ties in with the topic you’re speaking about. Have them respond to 25 basic questions providing their name, address, telephone, and e-mail on the questionnaire. Then when you get back to your office, tabulate the results and send a brief summary back to them.

At the end of the seminar, you will have to establish initial contact for an on-going dialogue. Let them know that you’ll be following up with mailing, or a phone call to get their feedback on the seminar. Let them know that because of their attendance they will receive a free subscription to your newsletter. You’ve captured their names and addresses to add to your prospect list. Don’t let the seminar be a one-shot deal.

Whether your seminar is successful or unsuccessful, it has residual value if you record or transcribe the text. You can and should make a transcript or recording of your seminar and then make it available to both your prospects and current customers.

Send a tape or transcript of your seminar to prospective clients, along with a cover letter telling them that many people who attended your seminar told you that they learned a lot from the presentation. Indicate that you’ve taken the liberty of sending them the transcript or tape recording of the seminar in it’s entirety, in hopes that they will benefit as well. Encourage them to read or listen to it and stress that you hope they’ll find it useful and informative. If they have any questions, invite them the contact you with no obligation on their part.

If they are interested in your services, offer to talk to them in person or by phone to explain your expertise and how your services could benefit them. Provide some case studies. Tell them, since they were unable to attend your seminar, this tape or transcript is the next best thing. And always encourage them to feel free to call or e-mail you with questions.

You can use the tape or transcript in several ways. You can use it as a promotional piece to give to other groups who hire speakers. You can use it as part of selected marketing materials. You can use it to generate word-of-mouth marketing and referrals. Offer it prominently on your Web site. Always remember, the more your prospects and customers see your name, the more likely they are to think of you when they need your professional services.

The cost of speaking is free. When members of your audience receive something of value from you, even if it’s information, they are grateful. When someone is grateful, you have the beginning of a great relationship. So, the more you can speak to groups about your services, the more audiences you can touch and start relationships with. And this means more potential business for you.

Copyright© 2005 by Joe Love and JLM & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.

Joe Love draws on his 25 years of experience helping both individuals and companies build their businesses, increase profits, and achieve total success. He is the founder and CEO of JLM & Associates, a consulting and training organization, specializing in personal and business development. Through his seminars and lectures, Joe Love addresses thousands of men and women each year, including the executives and staffs of many of America’s largest corporations, on the subjects of leadership, self-esteem, goals, achievement, and success psychology.

Reach Joe at:

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How to market your seminars on the Internet

According to Scott Alliy an Internet pioneer and founder and president of there are three primary considerations for training and seminar providers that wish to market their public seminars workshops and conferences or in site training services on the net.  First and foremost says Scott training providers should not waste their time effort and money trying to promote themselves.  Internet marketing is a passive form of marketing adds Scott and savvy training providers leave the task of attracting training seekers to a company like Allied Internet Solutions Inc. a leading Internet marketing consulting firm and to the worlds largest training search engine.

Here then are the three most important factors to consider when choosing how and where to market your seminars and training services on the Internet.  

Audience - when choosing an internet based seminar marketing service the reach of their operation is important. Some seminar marketing companies tout the value of their service yet they have only one website. on the other hand is one of over 600 training and seminar related websites in the Training news network and welcomes more visitors than any other training search engine.  For comparison purposes think of the value of being seen on this 600 plus training industry website network in terms of raffle tickets.  It stands to reason that  the more websites you can be seen on the better your chances of being found and thus of winning or in your case increasing the number of registrations you receive from your seminar marketing company. Our reach and growing audience provides your seminar or training company the very best opportunity for receiving business from internet users.

Longevity - Anyone can put up a website using free or low cost templates then grab a domain name for under $10, copy a few pages from an established web business in their industry and put themselves in front of perspective clients who might actually mistake them for an established dedicated company. Choosing to list with these unproven and in some cases unethical seminar marketing newbies could be a big mistake for unsuspecting training providers looking for high quality results driven and proven seminar marketing services.  These fly by nights come in all forms from those offering landing pages to those trying seminar marketing with little chance and hopes of success an effort they will soon abandon. by contrast has been around for over 5 years and is a pioneer in the training search and registration space.  During this period our name has been infringed upon and our work copied. During this same period new comers posing as seminar marketing gurus have come and gone. These fly by night seminar marketing wannabees have and will continue to pop up only to realize that marketing seminars on the internet is no get rich quick effort and they will disappear from the landscape as quickly as they appeared.  The issue their fleeting dreams pose for you as a training provider is that once you choose to associate with these part-timers your company name is inextricably tied to them.  When they disappear so too have you disappeared in the eyes of potential registrants who visit their defunct site that used to contain your training event info.  The issue is that even though their site may be gone the links stay on the search engine for months even years leaving you a trail of misery as you lose one registration after another from people who no doubt tell friends and associates that they tried to find and register for your class but that you must no longer be in business.

Results - has delivered over 36,000 registrations as of this writing and continues to extend their lead as the top producer of seminar and training registrations on the internet.  Our convenience selection and ease of use and an explosion of traffic from word of mouth advertising by satisfied repeat customers are the reason that we enjoy such success and the training providers that list with us are the beneficiary of that success and experience increased registrations as a result of their partnership and use of our seminar marketing services.

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New Seminar Marketing Tools Announced By Allied Internet Solutions

A vast array of marketing services provides Seminar and training companies more exposure options and various price points.

Allied Internet Solutions Inc. has announced new seminar marketing tools that allow training event providers multiple ways to increase registrations at their seminar conference workshops and other training events.

Thanks to their development of the Training News Network the company is able to offer exposure opportunities on multiple training industry websites including and as well as free seminar and training search and registration tools via the worlds largest training search engine also a member of the Training News Network.

Currently training providers can choose to list their seminar and training events on taking advantage of an exclusive pay-for-performance seminar marketing model that offers. Training providers that list their events on also receive a training profile page and a full suite of free tools that let them add and edit events dates and locations and gives them total control of their marketing.

Companies needing additional exposure ot those just entering the industry may choose to submit their event news for consideration and possible inclusion on and a web 2.0 training blog.

Other seminar marketing tools available via the Training News Network include press releases on an official Google News site.

A new set of seminar marketing tools currently in beta will allow training and seminar providers the a cost effective way to market their brochures electronically via the internet. An announcement is expected in just days according to a company official.

About Us: Allied Internet Solutions Inc. is an innovative Internet business consulting firm and a leader in niche marketing on the Internet. The company is and active participant of contributor to the Training News Network a collection of Internet business in partnership to bring timely and useful training and seminar news to the world.

About offers a full suite of free training search and registration tools that allow individuals and training managers the opportunity to search find and register for thousands of seminars workshops conferences and other training events quickly and easily.

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New Product Drastically Reduces Seminar And Event Marketing Costs

e-brochures feature incredible design flexibility and multiple low and no cost delivery methods

Allied Internet solutions Inc. creator of the worlds largest training search engine has announced the newest most exciting change in seminar marketing since the introduction of the printed brochure and direct mail campaigns.

e-brochures are full color electronic brochures that act to inform educate and invite attendees to your upcoming training seminars, workshop, conference or other events.

e-brochures are self contained applications that can be delivered online or by email or on disc. e-brochures are fully editable and royalty free saving event marketers thousands in reproduction costs. A built in browser makes e-brochures look and feel like an internet browser and optimization technology means the files remain small enough to run fast on even the oldest computer systems.

e-brochures can include an unlimited number of pages and can even include audio and video clips.

e-brochure design services and flat-fee seminar marketing tools are available on the latest member of the Training News Network.

According to Scott Alliy President of Allied Internet Solutions Inc. "a properly designed e-brochure will work for you like a tireless sales force delivering your event information to new and existing clients in an informative and impactful manner 24 hours a day and 7 days a week".

AIS company oficials advise that event promoters interested in obtaining an e-brochure to market their event should call and speak to one of the trained professionals at who will listen to needs and then design a customized e-brochure that will meet their needs and budget.

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About Us: is the newest member of the Training News Network a vast and growing network of over 600 training industry websites dedicated to providing the latest training industry news and information and marketing and registration services. Other popular sites in the Training News Network include,, and

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Additional: e-brochures information page

How To Market Seminars Webinars Other Events On The Internet

Event marketing report offers tools tips and strategies for increasing registrations and profits and reducing event marketing costs.

The Internet is a passive (not an active) form of marketing according to Scott Alliy an Internet marketing expert.

What this means for seminar marketers and event planning and promotion specialists is that unlike direct mail marketing you do not reach out to prospects they reach you on the Internet. The secret to successfully marketing and promoting your event on the Internet is to be where your prospects are looking claims Scott.

Scott who is also President and founder of the worlds largest training search engine. "Our tried and tested event marketing strategies have helped has achieved 30% growth in the number of visitors and registrations produced year over year".

Scott adds that the trend towards online registration is and will continue to grow. He cautions event promoters however that since the Internet is a passive form of marketing, event promoters need to consider two important factors if they wish to increase registrations and profits for their events.

1) Marketing Events On the Internet takes time.

Successful event marketing begins with putting your event on the net up to 6 months in advance of your event.

2) Just putting your event info on the internet is noGuarantee of success!

You must put your event info where it will be seen, read, and acted upon claims Scott.

Scott is the mastermind behind the Training News Network whose member sites have been developed, tested, and proven to attract a specific targeted audience and to produce registrations for event promoters that advertise there.

Why do Training News Network Member websites work better than my own website when it comes to marketing my seminar conference webinar or other event?

The answer says Scott lies in the fact that obtaining training brochures is a non-committal action. Training seekers that visit websites like and can view, download, and print event information without obligation. Then when they are ready they can refer to the brochure or other event information that they saved and printed and contact the event promoter or training provider to register.

About Us: Allied Internet Solutions Inc. a Houston Tx based Internet marketing and consulting firm offers a variety of event marketing plans to meet your needs and budget. Choose from one or more of the event marketing services below to pinpoint your target audience and maximize attendance at your next online event or public event at the lowest cost. Contact us and ask them about the best event marketing solutions for your next event

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Internet Marketing Expert Reveals How To Market a New Seminar On The Internet

Revealing information includes consideration for choosing a flat fee vs. pay for performance seminar marketing service.

Scott Alliy President of a member of the Training News Network has released important information about how to market a new seminar on the internet.

There are several key factors to know about marketing a new seminar on the Internet. Whether you succeed in getting more registrations or whether you spend much time and money without results will be dependent on the marketing choices you make early on says Scott Alliy President of Allied Internet Solutions Inc. a Houston Based Internet Marketing and business consulting firm.

Mr. Alliy is certainly well qualified to speak on the subject of seminar marketing. Among his list of stellar accomplishments in the online seminar marketing arena is founder and President of and ctreator of the Training News Network a vast network of over 675 websites carefully selected and dedicated to centralized training news information and seminar workshop and conference search and registration activity.

Mr. Alliy who has seen it all since beginning his Internet marketing career as a consultant, and student and practitioner of the art advises companies and individuals that are promoting their first seminar to choose a reputable company.

Anyone can put up a fancy looking web page says Scott and claim to be able to represent you but only a company dedicated to Internet marketing and staffed with business professionals that have expertise in key business areas like marketing and customer service can truly offer your company the benefits that you seek.

Before you put your name on just any website says Scott make sure that they are committed to their craft, that they understand your business, your customers and that they are available and able to answer potential registrant questions in order to help you increase registrations.

Since 2002 now the worlds largest training search engine has been providing quality representation for multiple seminar and training providers and their efforts have produced over 38,000 registrations to date.

The second most important consideration for new seminar marketers after choosing a professional and proven marketing firm to represent them is to create a marketing budget that they can live with.

A good rule of thumb for new seminar providers is to choose a marketing mix of activities including Direct mail and Internet marketing activities that include representation and registration services and PPC marketing.

The differences between an online registration services provider and PPC marketing on the Internet adds Scott are quite stark. First of all an established online registration service like will have trained professionals helping you close sales and increase registrations.

PPC marketing on the other hand adds Scott will bring prospects to your website where you will either have to close them with copy or furnish your own customer service staff to help them make the decision to register for your training event.

Regarding Direct mail Mr. Alliy suggest that new seminar providers consider obtaining a mailing list consisting of prospects who could benefit from attending their training event.

A third important consideration to marketing and testing your first seminar says Scott is to decide between a company like that offers registration services on a fee per registration basis or whether to choose a company Like that charges a flat fee for exposing your seminar to your target audience of training seekers either locally or throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Mr. Alliy explains the difference between the services of both of these seminar marketing companies that are both members of the Training News Network and both offering their own attractive qualities for new seminar providers. is a pay for performance seminar marketing service. The company does require a first year commitment fee for new providers to help defray the cost of establishing an account and marketing and advertising cost incurred in heavily promoting new providers through the Training News Network and the entire Internet community. is a flat fee seminar marketing service that offers new and established seminar providers the opportunity to advertise their training events in up to 29,807 cities in he U.S. and towns and provinces in Canada.

The most revealing difference in the two types of seminar marketing services offered by and by are

Control - provides seminar providers two direct links to any two web pages of their choice. Seminar providers can use these links to test sales and registration pages to find out which copy and layout works best to increase registrations.

Cost - Seminar providers that use seminar marketing services do not incur a per registration service fee and therefore can obtain unlimited registrations for one initial listing cost
Flexibility - allows seminar providers to list their local event in multiple surround cities.

Popularity - is the hands down winner in this category. As the worlds largest training search engine and undisputed leader in seminar registration production has become a house hold name and receives tens even hundreds of thousands of qualified visitors monthly looking for specific training seminars workshops and conferences in the U.S. and Canada.

Mr. Alliy Suggests that new seminar providers Request information about upcoming training seminars workshops and conferences in   and other cities listed on Submit a support request for a qualified seminar marketing professional to assist with their needs and suggest the best seminar marketing program and services.

About Us: Scott Alliy is an Internet pioneer and founder and President of and creator of the Training News Network a network of websites specifically designed to provide news information and training search and registration services to the training community and seminar marketing education and services to training and seminar providers.

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New Seminar Marketing System Announced By seminar marketing service is recommended for new seminar providers or those who provide a minimal number of seminars.

Providing affordable and effective seminar marketing service was the task facing Allied Internet Solutions Inc a Houston Texas based Internet marketing and business consulting firm.

According to Scott Alliy President of Allied Internet Solutions Inc. and creator of the company "We developed at the request of new seminar providers". fills a niche as a seminar marketing vehicle that is less costly than radio and print and provides longer term exposure".

During the course of developing the new seminar marketing tool we discovered then built in some other product features designed to give seminar marketers more exposure and control of their ad campaign. is designed to allow seminar providers maximum exposure at minimum cost.

In order to be attractive to young companies just entering into the seminar field or to individuals and companies that provide one or just a few seminars annually we knew the seminar marketing tool had to be affordable.

Providers can list their event on in any city for up to three months for a small flat fee. Then for just one dollar more per city seminar providers can advertise their event in any of 29800 cities and towns in the U.S. and Canada says Scott. offers seminar providers more control of their ad campaign than other forms of advertising or promotion can offer.

Event listings include two links to that providers can use to direct potential registrants to their seminar information or event registration page. Providers can modify the content and design of their landing pages in order to test sales copy etc.

Mr. Alliy recommends that new seminar providers interested in new affordable ways to promote their seminar or training event visit for more information about the new seminar marketing program.


About Us: is an affordable seminar marketing tool designed to provide seminar providers exposure reach control and an affordable way to promote their seminar or training event.