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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Revolutionize the way you and your company manage training!

A new paradigm exists now for entire companies to find, track and register for training. Our Training Information Manager (TIM) combines functions necessary for corporate training divisions like budgeting and a company-wide training calendar with an always current back-end database of tens of thousands of training classes per year.


What Does This Mean To You?

Use the same web application to find your training, watch for upcoming training, view individual or group transcripts and more.


Register your employees with our three-click process. Register multiple people quickly and easily.


Manage your company's training on a new level you may have never imagined possible.

How Will My Employees Use TIM?

First of all, they will have access to our huge database of always-current training classes across the USA and Canada. Our database contains just about all the information available for each class, including agendas, target audiences, benefits, pre-requisites and class costs/times/locations.


Your users can save their searches in case nothing matches their criteria. The same searches can be run again with a click of a button any time.


Your employees may add a scheduled class to their watchlist, allowing them to put in on their personal calendar without actually registering. Registration from a watchlist is a simple two-click process.


All attendance history is kept, allowing users to keep a historical training transcript that can follow the user from company to company. Where else would your employees be able to keep their transcript in this manner?


TIM keeps a running (and traveling) transcript automatically. Employees can use their transcript as supporting documentation for performance reviews. Even if an employee changes department, their transcript follows them. In fact, a TIM transcript can follow an employee from one company to another if both companies use TIM.


Which Classes Are Available In TIM?

Our entire database of up to 100,000 classes per year (and growing) are listed in TIM. You can manage registrations for every department of your company - from Accounting to Engineering to Sales to the Executive Staff. Our database contains Management seminars, HR Training, IT Training classes, Administrative Professional Conferences, Executive Education from some of the country's most respected universities, just to name a few.





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