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Information Technology, IT Procurement, Purchasing, Finance, Legal, Vendor Management, Contract Management, Global Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain Management, Telecommunications
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IT Procurement Summit  

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Information Technology, IT Procurement, Purchasing, Finance, Legal, Vendor Management, Contract Management, Global Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain Management, Telecommunications


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Seminar Summary:

The CAUCUS IT Procurement Summit is a greatly anticipated annual event tailored specifically for the technology acquisition professional. Every year, the conference brings together top subject matter experts in technology procurement, strategic sourcing, and contract and vendor management. This peer-to-peer conference is a forum for sharing up-to-the-minute ideas and industry best practices. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

IT Procurement Summit

The conference includes multiple tracks covering key topics in software, negotiations, vendor management and telecom, among others. These tracks allow you to participate in the sessions most related to your position.

Here is some feedback from this year’s attendees:
“GREAT job! This conference exceeded my expectations!”
“There was a good mix of participation and relevant topics covered.”
“The presenters were knowledgeable, and I learned so much.”
“It was fantastic!”

As an added benefit, conference attendees can participate in post-conference study modules for the Certified Technology Procurement Executive and Certified Technology Procurement Specialist certification exams, scheduled for October 24th. Both CTPE and CTPS exams may be taken that day or online at anytime.

During these challenging financial times, it’s critical that you get the knowledge and information available to you at this conference. You will get valuable strategies and important initiatives that will add money to your bottom line. So why wait? Sign up today!

Session topics: beginner, intermediate, and advanced level courses will be added to the curriculum this year based on feedback from the 2011 IT Procurement Summit. Please stay tuned for additional curriculum details.

Take advantage of our early-bird pricing and save $400 when you register and pay by June 1st($1,395 nonmembers; $1095 members). Register today! We look forward to seeing you next year!

Keynote Address

Major General Perry Smith
New Insights on Leadership and Career Advancement


Privacy and Security: The World of HIPAA and Beyond

Learn about HIPAA, the HITECH Act, and other privacy- and security-related topics. Discuss tactical ways to comply with ever-increasing privacy and security regulations.

• Discuss various federal and state regulations regarding privacy and the protection of personal information while learning the differences between PHI and personal information.
• Learn about regulations such as red flag rules, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and other similar regulations to enforce protection against identity theft.
• Learn best practices to perform a risk assessment and prioritize risk mitigation activities.
• Discuss how to improve your company’s security posture not only to meet these regulations but also to protect sensitive information (whether it be proprietary information, PHI, personal information, etc.).
• Discuss sample contract provisions and suggested modifications, including provisions within business associate agreements and other contractual obligations to protect your company.
• Engage in interactive discussions with your peers on how to balance the costs/benefits of security.

Apple Purchasing and Application Development/Management

Corporate adoption of consumer-driven technology is affecting IT departments at an alarming rate. Procurement departments are being asked to move – and move fast – often without much research, knowledge on the topic, or negotiating position. This session will provide you with research on application development and management and help you gain a practical understanding so you can swiftly adapt to the ever-changing climate of consumer devices in the business world.

• Understand how Apple and Android are different
• Take a “bite” out of Apple – how to negotiate discounts
• Watch out for seeds – “gotchas” to be aware of

Stretching Your Budget and IT Asset Disposition

In this session, we’ll review potential strategies for doing more with your IT budget by adopting pre-owned equipment when it makes sense and by blending OEM maintenance with third-party programs. We’ll also review options for IT asset disposition and explore the industry of e-waste and its evolving rules and responsibilities.

• Benefits of buying and using pre-owned IT equipment
• Vendor selection best practices
• Alternatives to OEM maintenance
• IT asset disposition options
• Trade-in programs
• Overview of the e-waste market and why you should care about it

Using Earned Value Management (EVM) in IT Services Contracting

This presentation will take you beyond basic EVM calculations to gain an understanding of their relationship to effective project evaluation and control when using EVM for IT services. You will be able to explore the challenges and approaches involved in establishing a baseline and obtaining accurate, timely and useful information to measure project performance with EVM.

• The principles, attributes and uses of EVM
• The key questions EVM can answer
• The difference between traditional management systems and EVM
• How to use performance data for better decision-making and cost estimating
• How to recognize, understand and interpret EVM requirements
• The challenges of EVM in practice

Best Practices for Managing and Resolving Contract Disputes

All large, complex IT procurement contracts run into disputes at some stage. Learn current best practices to manage and resolve disputes effectively, using nonbinding mediation or binding arbitration and other cost-effective strategies to avoid serious project failure and litigation risks.

• Learn why current trends in IT – multi-vendor contracts, outsourcing, cloud computing – all increase the risk and cost of contract disputes.
• Find practical solutions for effective dispute resolution.
• Take away valuable contract clauses and strategies for dealing with disputes.
• Identify fundamental differences between different dispute resolution options – facilitation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.
• Forget a “magic bullet,” and review the pros and cons of mediation and arbitration.
• Explore other dispute management and resolution alternatives, such as early neutral evaluation and dispute resolution boards.

Decoding Successful Negotiations

Negotiations can be exciting when you hold the decoder ring to effective communication techniques! Our nonverbal clues can speak volumes. Join the Sleuth Squad of Angie Coats (of ACE Solution$) and Gregg Catalano (of Physicians of Phun) to discover the “combination” to more effectively understand your communication style and those of your team members and negotiation counterparts.

• Get amazing tips for effective negotiations
• Learn about the latest tools

Successfully Assembling the Puzzle Pieces — Government IT Clauses

Whether you’re good at putting puzzle pieces together or don’t have the patience for that, this session — understanding government IT clauses — can be challenging and fun for everyone! Team up with Angie Coats (of ACE Solution$) and Gregg Catalano (of Physicians of Phun) and figure out how to successfully interlock the components of IT laws, regulations, and terms and conditions for compliance.

• Get a breakdown of the various government IT clauses, a template for comparing and contrasting compliance, and a tool for tracking applicability
• Participate in interactive discussions and information sharing
Get tools for improved compliance and tracking


Apples and Androids and BlackBerries! Oh, my! Mobile Device Management

Description: As smartphones and tablets gain a foothold in the corporate world, information security departments face challenges to the traditional concepts of protecting your confidential data, your network, and your investment in the technologies deployed. In this session, we will discuss many of the nuances and the options to consider when unleashing consumer-driven devices in your corporate environment, including management tools to accomplish this daunting task. We will discuss

• Mobile device management tools
• Certificate authentication and management
• How to retain corporate ownership of apps
• Legal considerations of MDM on personal devices versus corporate devices
• How to know what data is involved and where it is going
• What else you should have in your MDM toolbox
• MDM versus corporate container

A Day in the Life of a Software Contract/Procurement Manager
(Software Panel)

We will present a “day in the life” of a software contract/procurement manager and discuss how software asset management (SAM) tools and processes support this role. The topics will include a number of key issues and considerations that an IT procurement manager must face when planning, negotiating and managing software agreements, such as:

• Preplanning and disaster recovery issues to consider before entering a contract
• License management/compliance issues and considerations for cloud contracts
• License management/compliance issues and considerations for SaaS contracts
• License management/compliance issues and considerations for server/desktop environment virtualization
• Termination clause considerations for cloud/SaaS and virtual environments
• Internal communication (IT procurement and operations) of contract terms, conditions and entitlements to help maintain license compliance – a two-way street

Key Strategies for Resolving Software Disputes

If your business is forced to defend against a third-party software audit, will you know the best way to respond? Shrinking IT budgets, fierce competition and a mature software market have increased the motivation for software publishers (such as Microsoft, IBM, Adobe Systems and Oracle) to conduct software licensing audits–demanding that their customers demonstrate ownership of licenses for all software installed on their computers. Many companies are paying substantial fines and suffering negative publicity as a result of these audits. Even unintentional infringement can have significant legal and financially material implications. Properly preparing for and responding to software audits can reduce the financial and organizational impact on your business.
In this session you will learn effective approaches to resolving software licensing disputes. Topics include:

• Preparing for an audit without making your business vulnerable to potential liability
• Reducing costs and mitigating risks
• Overcoming legal obstacles
• Restoring trust and communication
• Sharing information without jeopardizing your legal position
• Understanding both sides’ business and emotional drivers

Cloud Computing: Legal Risks Every IT Procurement Professional Should Know

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the way companies manage their enterprise applications by reducing IT costs and increasing efficiencies, and it has become the fastest-growing means by which technology companies offer their products today.

However, before companies go flying in the cloud, they need to be aware of the significant legal risks and implications associated with cloud computing. These include:

• How can we make the best “off the shelf” cloud computing arrangements?
• Who is responsible for data in the cloud?
• Can you control where your data are stored in the cloud?
• Who is responsible for security in the cloud?
• What happens to your data and applications in the event of a disaster?
• How much risk should the cloud computing vendor assume?

Vendor Management

Improving Cloud Service Sourcing and Vendor Management

As more companies utilize cloud services, there are key opportunities and risks to consider when selecting and managing your cloud service provider(s). This presentation provides key approaches and tools for maximizing the value and opportunities and minimizing risks with cloud service provider sourcing and ongoing vendor management.

• What are cloud sourcing and vendor management?
• Why improve cloud sourcing and vendor management?
• How can these cloud sourcing and vendor management areas be improved?
o Requirements and specifications
o Risk assessment
o Total cost of ownership model
o Category profiling
o Sourcing strategies
o Due diligence
• Contracting
• Vendor performance management

Balancing IT Vendor Risk and Reward

In the wake of constant market changes, vendor management professionals are facing higher expectations to drive down costs. This presentation covers how to balance IT vendor risk and reward and the potential impact a singular focus on cost may have on total value delivered.

- Why balance IT vendor risk and reward
- Key concepts to help balance IT vendor risk and reward
o Define and prioritize IT vendor tiers
o Utilize the risk assessment process for new products/services
o Conduct initial and ongoing vendor due diligence
o Incorporate balanced category scorecards
o Utilize robust IT vendor performance reporting and issue resolution
o Leverage category packs
o Implement an IT vendor Six Sigma program


A New Paradigm for SLAs

Take an in-depth look at SLAs and their pitfalls. We will discuss why most SLAs are problematic and offer practical solutions for improving them. Get suggestions for implementing a new SLA paradigm to incent carrier performance AND provide robust credits in the event of major outages. Find out how this new approach has worked in practice and our instructor will suggest ways to improve it further, using lessons learned from actual incidents.

• Why are SLAs in telecom generally underwhelming?
• SLAs and your internal stakeholders: what are they looking for?
• What’s the goal of SLAs? Is it about the money or something else?
• What are the five key “gotchas” in boilerplate SLAs that gut SLAs?
• An introduction to the decrements model; how does it work and why is it different?
• How do performance decrements affect the real world?
• What are three key considerations in protecting mission-critical operations?
• What MSA provisions could derail your SLAs?

Preventing and Resolving Carrier Disputes

Customer-carrier relations are often plagued by a wide range of disputes. These can include disagreements regarding billing errors, shortfall charges, early termination liability, service problems and SLA credits, tardy installations, and forgotten disconnect orders.

Join Justin Castillo for an in-depth look at all aspects of customer-carrier disputes: what causes them, how to prevent them and how to resolve them as quickly, efficiently and economically as possible. Using real-life examples, he will discuss:

• The six contract clauses that affect the customer’s rights in a dispute
• How to reduce the likelihood of future disputes
• Five easy-to-negotiate clauses that will help resolve almost any dispute
• Where to get fast and free dispute resolution services
• The carriers’ favorite dispute-related tricks and traps
• The three biggest mistakes customers make in disputes

While disputes of one kind or another are inevitable, this information-packed, one-hour presentation will show you how to reduce the incidence of disputes and increase the likelihood of successfully resolving your disagreements with carriers.


The Neuroscience of Better Deals

In this seminar presented by a member of the prestigious Society for Neuroscience, you will discover simple but proven brain-based methods to greatly enhance your negotiation skills. You will hear about strategies to significantly improve your brain’s performance and learn how to influence the brains of others to get the results you really want.

• Neuroscience breakthroughs that help negotiations
• The power of a focused brain
• Practical dos and don’ts of communication
• More effective communication with anyone
• Ways to quickly boost your brain
• Ways to lead and not be led

Outsourcing Newbie

Our organization was an outsourcing newbie! We are a midsize financial organization that recently completed outsourcing our entire IT infrastructure – with no previous significant outsourcing experience. Learn and benefit from the journey we traveled on the way to our outsourcing implementation. Key learning benefits for you include:

• Comparing and contrasting three sourcing project models: DIY (do it yourself), a sourcing broker and a sourcing consultant
• The strength of a four-legged stool model for success
• The importance of targeted preparation that can be done in advance
• Leveraging a benefit case that is not all about reducing expenses
• Creating and cultivating a great relationship model for success
• Understanding SMB (small and midsize business) market dynamics

Social Media Contract Negotiations

In today’s Internet-enabled communications, it is important for companies to identify how they want their employees collaborating with one another and what they are collaborating on. The technology at work should be as good as what we use in our personal lives. There are “free” social media tools – but what could your company lose by deciding to take this path? For a company that wants to have its employees working in a private environment that is monitored and managed by the corporation’s policies, this presentation will help address understanding of social business platform contracting without taking away the intent of a collaborative environment.

• Understand your corporate social business strategy as well as your corporation’s policies for communication, harassment, etc.
• Recommend setting up a social business governance committee to assist you in making critical decisions in development of this contract.
• Identify how you would like to use the tool, including on smart devices, in order to identify the type of license you need.
• Understand your personally identifiable information policy to determine how you establish the types of “committees” within the tool.
• Identify other contract areas to be cognizant of when working with the social business provider.
• Identify what needs to be considered when expanding to external participants.

Building a Better SLA: The Performance Decrements Model

Why have buyers of information technology services over time conceded that service level agreement (SLA) credits are adequate compensation for a supplier’s failure to satisfy one or more performance standards? Is there a better SLA? Yes, and we have built the “performance decrements” model and put it in place in IT service agreements for buyers across the country. In contrast to the traditional service-level agreement, the performance decrements model:

• emphasizes longer-term supplier performance at higher levels rather than immediate satisfaction of the same performance levels obtained by the buyer prior to entering the new agreement;
• provides greater visibility of performance issues to both buyer and supplier, replacing the receipt of nickel-and-dime service-level credits with immediate and continuing executive-level attention to material or persistent service lapses;
• adjusts and correlates the charges and fees for the supplier’s services through benchmarking to prices appropriate for the actual levels and quality of the services delivered;
• sets forth a strictly objective and clearly quantified standard of performance, so neither party can argue (or need to go to court to decide) whether a material contract default has occurred; and
• affords the buyer a non-subjective and non-curable right to modify or terminate the IT service agreement if the supplier fails to satisfy the agreed-upon performance standards.

Professional Development

Project Management for IT

Project management is fraught with peril. It’s never easy, but it can be fun. IT projects are perfect targets for project management techniques. Learn why projects go wrong and how to prevent these problems. Learn to control a project and hit your delivery and cost targets. This dynamic session focuses specifically on IT projects. We’ll discuss project team composition, progress reporting, demands on the project manager, and the nature of the manager’s interaction with the team and the parent organization. You’ll get proven tips and techniques that help manage projects.

• Learn to control a project and hit your delivery and cost targets.
• Learn why projects go wrong.
• Understand how to recognize and prevent project problems.
• Learn about straightforward project scheduling.
• Discover the secret of successful progress measurement.
• Understand the unique problems inherent in large projects and how to keep them from derailing your career.

The Speed of Trust Workshop (Two part series – Part 1 & Part 2)

The “Speed of Trust” is a three-hour, highly interactive workshop that teaches how to conduct your business using Speed of Trust principles and methods for dramatically lowering your costs and increasing your profits and influence. The workshop will be taught by Denis W. Stoddard, Ph.D., behavior analyst and certified Speed of Trust trainer.

• Participants will focus on work rather than on continually spending time repairing damaged relationships.
• Projects and initiatives will be completed faster and with better results.
• Creating an environment of high trust will increase creativity, innovation and greater commitment to achieving organizational results.
• Leaders who extend trust will increase the performance capacity, flexibility and innovation of their teams.
• Employees will report greater job and workplace satisfaction.
• Employees learn to practice behavior that elevates the strategic contribution of all players, both internal and external.
• The method immediately increases trust inside the organization.

Seven Practices to Greatly Improve Your Brain

In this workshop you will discover simple but highly effective brain-improvement practices that you can apply to mindfully change how you live, work and play. These stimulating and transformative practices can be applied by anyone to ensure that his or her brain remains healthy and operating with improved memory, reduced feelings of stress, increased cognitive reserve and overall improved neurological functioning – and to reduce the risk of developing dementia as one ages. In 2011, the presenter delivered this professional development workshop to the staff of the United States Senate.

• Mindfully change how you live, work and play.
• Discover why being sleep-deprived is as dangerous as being drunk.
• Greatly accelerate learning and improve your memory.
• Break unwanted habits.
• Unlock the full potential already within you.
• Enhance your productivity as you decrease your stress.

Cloud Contracting

Businesses are focusing on the potential cost savings, profits and agility to be found in the cloud. The ability to safely leverage cloud-based technology offerings will become increasingly important. Through specialized contracts for the cloud, you can mitigate the IP, business continuity, compliance and legal liability risks associated with cloud services.

Rob Scott will address the various legal challenges for businesses utilizing or providing cloud computing services. He will identify the three areas that present the highest risks – business, legal and regulatory – and offer suggestions for mitigating those risks. Contract issues that should be covered in agreements include:

• Confidential information
• License grants
• Service-level terms
• Limitations of liability
• Insurance
• Indemnity

Seminar Summary:

The CAUCUS IT Procurement Summit is a greatly anticipated annual event tailored specifically for the technology acquisition professional. Every year, the conference brings together top subject matter experts in technology procurement, strategic sourcing, and contract and vendor management. This peer-to-peer conference is a forum for sharing up-to-the-minute ideas and industry best practices. (see full course description)

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