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Who should attend Develop and Implement Restorative Programs
Healthcare Professionals, Restorative Nursing
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Develop and Implement Restorative Programs  

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Healthcare Professionals, Restorative Nursing


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Seminar Summary:

Gain critical information necessary to establish a restorative nursing program (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Develop and Implement Restorative Programs - Healthcare Seminar

Restorative Nursing Programs — making a difference in people's lives

Restorative nursing enables nurses and/or caregivers to use various programs to restore and maintain the functional abilities of long term care residents and rehabilitation patients while enhancing their quality of life. Restorative care enables your patients and residents to participate in a structured care program specifically designed to help them function at their highest level of ability. It is an interdisciplinary approach involving buy-in and commitment from your staff at every level.

The hallmark of a restorative nursing program is the assessment and evaluation of each patient's physical and mental abilities. Individualized care plans are then created to meet each client's needs. Different therapies and care initiatives may involve range of motion exercises, stretching, help with orthotic devices, wheelchair maneuvering, assistance with feeding, toileting, bathing, etc. The goal is to offer guidance, training and encouragement as the patient gains the strength, skills and confidence to perform everyday-life tasks.

In this comprehensive, focused restorative care training, healthcare professionals will:

  • Learn to swiftly implement a restorative nursing program that will increase resident care and allow you to receive full reimbursements
  • Handle staff resistance due to training issues, documentation and mastery of new responsibilities
  • Meet all rules and regulations and avoid costly noncompliance issues to increase your reimbursement for care
  • Master specific techniques for maintaining function, preventing further declines and enhancing your patients'/residents' quality of life
  • Overcome the most common roadblocks to implementing a restorative care program, including resident resistance to participation
  • Help your residents remain mentally alert and physically independent for as long as possible
  • Become familiar with all required documentation to ensure full and proper reimbursement

This seminar was designed to address your questions and concerns regarding the development and implementation of a restorative care program. In just one remarkable day of training, you'll discover how to establish a restorative nursing program within your facility. We offer step-by-step guidelines for setting up patient care procedures, help with documentation, coding and compliance issues, strategies for overcoming the staff uncertainty that can lead to resistance, reimbursement guidelines and much, much more.

Develop and Implement Restorative Programs Seminar Overview

Restorative Nursing Program Fundamentals

  • Restorative Nursing 101: Definition of care, benefits to the resident and facility
  • Understand the differences between restorative care vs. rehabilitation
  • Learn how to stay in compliance with Long Term Care regulations that apply to restorative nursing
  • Discover the unique role each staff position plays in the long term care of your residents
  • Learn strategies for maximizing resident care without compromising effectiveness

Developing Objectives and Setting Guidelines

  • The Rules of Restorative Nursing: be aware of rule definitions and compliance issues
  • Reimbursement factors needed to establish a restorative care program
  • Where to start? Follow our step-by-step guide for establishing a restorative nursing program that will provide increased quality of care to your residents

Restorative Care and the Nursing Process

  • Understanding the nursing process: what's involved in designing resident care plans
  • How to effectively assess the resident and develop a plan to fit his or her needs
  • Ways to help residents maintain their quality of living and prevent further deterioration
  • Realistic goal setting for each resident: how to use goals to encourage function, mobility, alertness and satisfaction
  • Using Functional Assessments to evaluate abilities and determine resident capabilities
  • Determining the optimal duration of each resident's individualized care plan
  • Establishing Reassessment Time Frames for maximum results
  • Common roadblocks to overcome when working with patients on restorative care

Developing Restorative Programs

  • Dos and Don'ts of restorative care — learn what works and what doesn't when it comes to the care of your residents
  • Common restorative approaches to help each resident stay independent and avoid deterioration for as long as possible
  • Effective restorative nursing plans that will inspire and motivate you to create your own
  • Gain a better understanding of coding guidelines — avoid common mistakes to make sure you get reimbursed properly
  • Best practices for avoiding typical declines such as pressure ulcers, hip fractures and incontinence

Program Implementation

  • Use our simple program to train your CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistant), RNAs (Restorative Nursing Assistant) on time-management techniques
  • Tools and techniques to ensure each resident is continually provided with the optimum care they need and deserve
  • Learn the standards for documentation of assessments — get more reimbursements faster, and with fewer hassles
  • Simple forms to streamline your process
  • An Ongoing Assessments Checklist to ensure your program is operating at its maximum effectiveness

Seminar Time:

Seminar Check-In: 8:30 AM  Seminar Program:  9:00AM - 4:00PM


Seminar Summary:

Gain critical information necessary to establish a restorative nursing program (see full course description)

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