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Women Professionals
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Assertive Communication Skills for Women  

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Women Professionals


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Seminar Summary:

Confident and effective communication skills especially for women (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:


You’ll learn ...

  • How to project a more credible, self-assured communication image
  • How to speak with greater ease in meetings and presentations
  • How to handle conflicts and confrontations with dignity and control
  • Ways to express your opinion with authority—and tact
  • And much more!

Communicating in a way that says "I´m a professional" is a skill you can learn ... like playing tennis or speaking a foreign language. That´s what this seminar is all about ... to teach you to overcome the special communication challenges you face as a woman and equip you with new skills that will make you more effective in the workplace. You´ll gain many useful "how-to´s", take part in useful exercises designed to build your ability fast and learn from the experiences of others who´ve faced the same challenges you face. Spend just one day with us and you´ll never again feel invisible in meetings and groups ... powerless in day-to-day dealings with people ... and frustrated with not being taken seriously. Don´t miss this opportunity for enhanced communication skills that really work. Call now to reserve your space in this valuable seminar.


Program hours: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Project a communication image that commands respect

  • The principles of polite but powerful communication—how and when to use them
  • Assess your communication style: Is it working for or against you?
  • Avoid common communication mistakes that hold women back
  • Gain the assertive woman´s secret to speaking up without seeming pushy
  • Forget what you learned as a child—learn to ask for and get what you want

Harness the tools of results-oriented communication

  • Identify and eliminate unconscious speech habits and mannerisms that weaken your message
  • How to control your body language—and how others perceive you
  • The language of power—how to speak it to sell yourself and your ideas
  • When, where and how to practice your new skills—and keep them primed

Handle conflicts, difficult people and confrontations with composure

  • How to neutralize volatile work conflicts before they get out of hand
  • Dealing with out-of-control people—without adding fuel to the fire
  • Are verbal bullies a problem? You don´t have to put up with them!
  • How to stop tears, anger and other inappropriate emotions—in an instant
  • How to turn down excessive or inappropriate requests without feeling guilty

Use listening skills to your advantage

  • What your ability to listen has to do with your personal power
  • How to tactfully, but firmly, interrupt long-winded talkers
  • Astonishing ways silence can open communication channels
  • How to decode nonverbal signals—and predict people´s behavior
  • Exactly how to get others to listen to you

Persuade, negotiate and achieve power over people

  • The most common areas of concern for women in high-stakes negotiations
  • Changing how even the most stubborn people think to win them over
  • We all want win-win solutions—but what does it take to find them?
  • What to do when the other person keeps saying "No"

Say it with tact

  • The assertive "No"—how to say it without explaining
  • When others criticize you, don´t get mad—develop your "assertive response"
  • Get comfortable giving criticism that is useful—not hurtful
  • What not to say in the sticky situations that cause women the most headaches
  • How to be at your communication best when asked to give impromptu talks

Get your point across in meetings and before groups

  • A quick primer on how to stand out—for the right reasons—in meetings
  • Calming down before making a big presentation—tips that work
  • A sure-fire way to deal with people who interrupt you
  • How to hold your own in meetings where men do all the talking
  • You´ve developed your presentation—now here´s how to beef it up
  • "How-to´s" for making impromptu remarks and handling unexpected questions


Start conversations, build rapport and leave a positive impression

  • Having trouble connecting with people you meet? Problem solved!
  • You´ve only got 3 seconds ... how to make a million-dollar first impression
  • How to change your internal dialogue and present yourself as a power player before higher-ups
  • The most important rule to follow when networking



CPE Credits:  6

Seminar Time:

Seminar Check-In:  8:15AM  Seminar Program:  9:00AM - 4:00PM

Seminar Summary:

Confident and effective communication skills especially for women (see full course description)

print this agenda print agenda for the Assertive Communication Skills for Women training seminar

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