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Executives in charge of Channel Sales, Channel Managers
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High Performance Channel Management  

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Adventace, LLC.   


Executives in charge of Channel Sales, Channel Managers


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Seminar Summary:

“Open the window” into partner sales activities to gain a greater level of control and drive more business. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:


“Open the window” into partner sales activities to gain a greater level of control and drive more business.

“I can honestly say your program gave me insights that I already knew but hadn't seen presented in such a clear, focused manner before. Your material is terrific and I recommend any manager in Channel Sales to take advantage of the program.”

—Phil Drachman, Director of Channel Sales, Maxxan Systems, Inc.  

Objective How can you effectively manage channel partners who do not report directly to you? How is it possible to get an accurate picture of where partners are with opportunities, and then for you to have an impact on them? Is there a way to forecast accurately with partners? Our clients tell us that the answer to these and other important questions related to channel management is “yes!” because the Adventace High Performance Channel Management has “cracked the code”.

The objective of this seminar is to provide channel managers with the skills to help them effectively open the window into their partner’s sales activities to both help you drive more business and gain a significantly greater level of control.

Description Normally a 2-day workshop, this half-day seminar focuses on helping channel managers resolve some of the most challenging issues related to channel management through provision of the ""Four Pillars of Channel Management""™:

  1. Opportunity Assessment. Channel Managers learn how to quickly and consistently identify key problem areas on opportunities using the Opportunity Analyzer™. Focusing on your ability to help your partner rectify problems early will help you build a strong “value add” relationship with your partners while driving more business.
  2. Pipeline Balance & Management. Channel Managers are provided with the means to accurately determine what is required of them to achieve and then maintain balanced pipelines with the Pipeline Balance Algorithm. This, in turn, helps them drive expectations with partners. Significantly, channel managers will understand how to identify gaps and react early and quickly.
  3. Partner Management. Managers are shown how to quickly and proactively identify skill deficiencies that partners have through the use of a Skill Analyzer™, and then how to engage with the partner rep at the opportunity level.
  4. Continuous Improvement. Managers are shown how to conduct a Reseller Relationship Review™, a tactical repeatable process designed to “create the visibility you need into partner opportunities and pipeline.

A Sample of the Critical Business Issues We Can Help You Solve:

  • How can I capture the “mind share” of partners?
  • It is impossible to forecast partner sales with any accuracy.
  • We are unable to exert the kind of control we need over partner sales.
  • It’s the opportunities we lose that never even hit my radar screen that I am most worried about.
  • We need to better understand where resellers have skill deficiencies so we can determine the level of assistance - if not control - we should exert on a given opportunity
  • Our resellers sell too low in buyer organizations.
  • Our resellers are ‘order takers’ in the brave new world of ‘solutions’ sales

Agenda During this intensive half-day seminar we will:

  • Show you how to Create The a High Performance Sales Environment for your channel organization
  • Using the Opportunity Analyzer™, provide a systematic approach to analyzing partner opportunities, quickly and proactively identifying critical problem areas, and identifying surgical fixes
  • Show you how to develop a balanced pipeline using a Pipeline Balancing Algorithm™, identify gaps, and design proactive means to work with your partners to drive opportunities leading to restoration of pipeline balance
  • Using a Skill Analyzer™, show you how to determine where skill deficiencies exist that impact a partner’s performance, and how to subsequently engage with the partner rep at the opportunity level.
  • Demonstrate the Reseller Relationship Review™: The process you should use in the field to help you gain the visibility you need
  • Provide you with key metrics you should help individuals and your team achieve.

What You Will Take With You

  • High Performance Sales Channel Management Manual
  • Electronic Tool Kit (sent to your email address after the seminar). Some of the tools include:
    • Reseller Relationship Review Process – The Agenda to consistently and methodically help you build a stronger relationship with your partners, and gain clear insight into their opportunities.
    • Opportunity Analyzer™ – This will allow channel managers and resellers to quickly identify key problem areas in opportunities, so you can then determine the action you may have to take to get the opportunity back on track or disqualify it.
    • Reseller Skills Analyzer™ and Partner Management Plan™ – Use these tools to determine the key selling difficulties of your channel sellers. You can then use the Management Plan to help you determine how to engage with the partner at the opportunity level.
    • Pipeline Milestones - The milestones will help you to accurately assess the status of reseller opportunities. This sets the stage for accurate pipeline assessment and forecasting.
    • Pipeline Balance Algorithm Calculator™ - Tool to help you calculate pipeline balance goals for you so you can determine gaps and subsequent actions to take with partners.
    • The book, “Rethinking Business Relationships: Improve Your Channel Sales, Profitability, Forecasts and Long-term Performance”"

Seminar Summary:

“Open the window” into partner sales activities to gain a greater level of control and drive more business. (see full course description)

print this agenda print agenda for the High Performance Channel Management training seminar

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