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Who should attend Facilities Management - A 2-Day Comprehensive Course
Facilities/Plant Managers
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Facilities Management - A 2-Day Comprehensive Course  

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Facilities/Plant Managers


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Seminar Summary:

A two-day comprehensive course that will teach you the techniques used by leading facilities managers to run a safe, cost-effective, and employee-friendly environment. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Facilities Management Seminar

Finally, a course for Facility Managers that addresses the challenges, difficulties, and dilemmas of this demanding position!

In this 2 day workshop, prepare to roll up your sleeves and dig in as you master techniques, tools, and new strategies designed to make your job that much easier. We'll cover tough questions on a variety of facility management "hot buttons" - OSHA requirements, safety issues, risk/security plans, and more. We'll introduce you to time management tools that will help you get a handle on your day-to-day priorities.

You'll learn how other facility managers at top organizations solve problems, deal with crises, and handle complaints. You'll learn how to put a plan for emergencies in place (remember the East Coast blackout in 2003?). And, you'll discover how to decrease your stress levels as you run your facility more efficiently - without killing yourself by putting in longer hours!

This course is based on "best practices" from top facilities managers around the country.

Hundreds of hours of research, study, planning, and fine-tuning go into the production of each of our seminars. This one is no exception. Our course developers have looked at facility management in organizations across the country and analyzed their processes, systems, and approaches. This workshop reflects the latest findings and best practices in facility management today and addresses the up-to-the-minute issues that make this field so difficult to stay on top of.

You'll get tips, tools, and strategies that are proven to work in real-world situations as you learn from case studies and other facility managers' experiences. This course is comprehensive, in-depth, and packed with need-to-know information you can use the very next day you return to your office. Don't miss your chance to attend!

Learn from experts who know the business...

Unlike many seminar leaders chosen for their speaking ability and communication skills alone, our speakers are proven experts in their fields.

This means that your instructor has experience in facilities management and can share his or her knowledge and real life skills with you. Lively discussion, fascinating case studies, experiential activities, and more are all part of the process, and your trainer is skilled at using the latest adult learning techniques to ensure your grasp the most difficult concepts with ease.

Get on board for 2 intensive days of hands-on, in-depth, need-it-now information - no boring lectures here!

Facilities Management - Seminar Overview

Day One

Your role as Facility Manager

  • Discover the characteristics of a successful facilities manager and learn ways to adopt them as your own
  • Learn how facility management affects the mission of a business
  • How to sharpen the leadership skills that are critical to your job as a facility manager
  • Learn to apply the principles of ethical leadership to your position
  • "Marketing" your facility strategies internally - how to get the rest of your organization on board with your goals

Facilities Management "nuts and bolts"

  • When outsourcing should be used and when it is best to use in-house services
  • Become familiar with the different types of service organizations and learn to choose providers wisely
  • HVAC, security, grounds, cleaning, power, and lighting - what you need to know to provide exceptional service in each of these critical areas
  • "Attractive nuisances" - You'd be surprised at how many are on your facility's grounds right now!
  • 2 basic strategies for forecasting future space needs for your organization

Create a comfortable and efficient work environment for your facility's users

  • When space is at a premium, how to "create" more space, manage it, and keep employees comfortable
  • The space-standards, sketch, analytical, and comparison methods of determining conventional office space standards
  • How to make sure you are meeting or exceeding shared space requirements
  • Facility management technology to help you in both day-to-day and long-term operations
  • Developing a facility management database containing organization and building-related information

Improving your facility operations, maintenance, and performance

  • How to put an effective hazardous waste program into place at your facility
  • OSHA compliance - rules and regulations facility managers must be aware of
  • Discover the 5 essential elements for an effective disaster recovery plan
  • Assess your facility's risk: Learn how to react immediately to a variety of threats
  • Emergency procedures and drills your facility users must become familiar with


Day Two

The realities of finance, budgeting, and cost control

  • Become familiar with 5 basic financial concepts and how they apply to facilities management
  • The 4 stages of business activity - why it's critical you understand their impact on your department
  • Understand the role facility management plays in assessing corporate value
  • Discover hidden ways to slash costs and save money without sacrificing quality or service

How to ensure your construction and relocation projects come in on time and on budget

  • Discover the 4 basic components in the project delivery cycle
  • Learn the 6 phases of the project delivery process and how decision made in each phase influence all of the phases that follow
  • Project management tips to help you stay organized and on top of critical details
  • How to create a flow chart that maps your project from initial talks to completion
  • Why you must be able to differentiate between project management and strategic planning

Facility and space acquisition - what's the best approach for your situation?

  • Buy vs. lease - when it is more advantageous to buy and when leasing makes more sense
  • Use the buy vs. lease analysis to determine what's right for your organization
  • Discover the important difference between lease administration and property management
  • Leasing contract red flags you need to be aware of
  • Learn to put the 4 characteristics of a proper lease management system in place


This event is eligible for the following continuing education credits:

CEU: 1.2 credits

CPE: 12 credits


Seminar Check-in: 8:30 AM Training Seminar 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Seating is Available

Seminar Summary:

A two-day comprehensive course that will teach you the techniques used by leading facilities managers to run a safe, cost-effective, and employee-friendly environment. (see full course description)

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