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Who should attend Front Desk Safety & Security
Front Desk personnel, receptionists, administrative assistants, safety personnel
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Front Desk Safety & Security  

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Front Desk personnel, receptionists, administrative assistants, safety personnel


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Seminar Summary:

Prevent workplace violence, handle emergencies and be prepared for any situation (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Front Desk Safety & Security

In one intensive, fast-paced day, you’ll learn …

  • How to assess your front desk area and eliminate potential security breaches, dangerous situations and safety hazards
  • The best ways to respond when emergency strikes (both natural disasters and human threats)
  • “An ounce of prevention” … how to ensure emergency policies and procedures are up to par with law enforcement recommendations
  • Dialing 9-1-1 — What to do if you are suddenly required to make that call
  • Techniques for defusing escalating tempers, handling emotional outbursts, and dealing with unreasonable demands
  • How to stay on top of visitors, packages, phones, and e-mail, when everyone’s pulling you in different directions simultaneously
  • Spot the warning signs for identifying people who may pose a threat to you, your organization, or its employees

Workplace violence couldn’t happen at your organization … or could it?

Workplace violence can strike anywhere, any time. It doesn’t matter if your company is a small mom-and-pop business or a large corporation. It doesn’t matter if you’re in middle America or on the East or West coast. And it doesn’t matter what type of business you work for.

In these times of turbulence and unrest, safety and security issues “on the home front” and in the workplace are more critical than ever before. Terrorist threats, mass corporate layoffs, a depressed economy, and political upheaval are all real factors contributing to stress and emotional anguish in the workplace.

As people feel pushed to the breaking point, workplace violence becomes more of a reality. Employees need procedures and policies in place to follow in case of emergency, and — just as important — the training and confidence to put those policies into action should the need arise.

As a front desk professional, you are the first line of defense against security breaches, safety concerns, and volatile situations.

Your role as a front desk professional requires you to wear a variety of “hats” during your work day — among them gatekeeper, communications expert, phone whiz, mediator, troubleshooter, and secretary. As the first person vendors, visitors, and delivery people have contact with, you are the eyes and ears of your organization. It is up to you to spot potential troublemakers, identify red flag behaviors, prevent breaches of security, and act with confidence and authority when situations threaten to get out of hand.

In this powerful, eye-opening workshop, you’ll discover a variety of tools, techniques, and strategies for securing your front desk area and staying calm and in control when faced with emergency situations. We’ll cover preparation and prevention techniques for natural disasters, theft, property damage and other crimes, offer tips for identifying potentially violent or unbalanced individuals, cover building and facility safety measures, and reveal ways to shore up weaknesses in procedures that may leave your organization and employees vulnerable to outside influences.

Here's some of what you'll learn:

  • Learn how to evaluate visitor access to your organization and increase security in your lobby and front desk area
  • Discover foolproof ways to discourage guests from “finding their own way” throughout your organization
  • Learn the very best responses to a variety of emergency situations — from bomb threats to fire to medical emergencies
  • Discover how you should react when weapons are involved — and things get frightening
  • Learn how to effectively defuse angry, out-of-control employees or visitors, and regain command of sensitive situations
  • Explore ways to empower yourself and bolster your confidence so that you come across as a strong, take-charge professional who can’t be intimidated

Seminar Overview

Violence and safety in the workplace today

  • The truth about violence in the workplace today: what constitutes workplace violence, who’s at risk, why it’s getting worse
  • How vulnerable is your organization?
  • How to identify and eliminate gaps in the security of your front desk area
  • Insights and advice from OSHA on creating a safe working environment
  • How to create an emergency procedures manual if your organization doesn’t have one already
  • How to design and implement an emergency action plan everyone can follow


No-nonsense management of your front desk and lobby area

  • What is your role as front desk “gatekeeper?” What are your responsibilities regarding safety and security measures? What can you be held accountable for?

  • How to use information-gathering and strategic planning to keep one step ahead of emergency situations

  • Emergency response strategies to get help fast when you need it

  • How to gather information and act as a point of contact during employee disaster drills

  • Tips for managing the flow of visitors, vendors, and customers who come through your doors

  • Designing a check-in and check-out log

  • How to ensure that restricted areas remain that way

  • Ways to enforce visitor identification and escort requirements

  • The best ways to handle cold-call vendors

  • Strategies for managing multiple distractions and people


Critical communication skills no front desk professional should be without

  • How your listening skills can be your best asset when it comes to handling ticklish situations and touchy personalities
  • Telephone listening skills that will help you “listen between the lines”
  • Tips for swiftly establishing credibility and authority with visitors to your organization
  • How to develop your own personal phone poise and presence
  • The legal way to handle “reference” calls — what you can and cannot say
  • How to use e-mail safely and securely
  • The truth about intuition — learn to trust your instincts and keep on top of trouble
  • Lower your stress quotient and enjoy more balance and serenity during even hectic work days


When worst-case scenarios become real — handle emergencies while keeping yourself and others safe

  • How to “talk people down” and regain control of explosive situations
  • What to do when confrontations turn serious and weapons are suddenly involved
  • Learn to handle these potentially explosive situations with confidence: thieves and break-ins, bomb threats, fire, earthquakes, and other disasters
  • How to follow legal guidelines for reporting injuries and other emergencies


Security measures to increase workplace safety

  • Strategies for protecting proprietary company information

  • Basic, common-sense security practices suggested by law enforcement

  • Discover these building and facility safety practices recommended by security experts

  • Protecting workers after-hours — how to make sure that your facility is secure and employees stay safe when working late

Don’t leave workplace safety to chance! This powerful workshop is packed with the critical “survival skills” no front desk professional should be without! Discover essential information for preventing workplace violence, defusing volatile situations, handling emergencies, and securing your front desk and lobby area.


This event is eligible for the following continuing education credits:

CEU: 0.6 credits

CLASS TIME: Check-In: 8:30 AM Class 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Seminar Summary:

Prevent workplace violence, handle emergencies and be prepared for any situation (see full course description)

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