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Project Manager,Business Analyst,Financial Analyst
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Gateway Leadership Certificate Program  

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Project Manager,Business Analyst,Financial Analyst


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Seminar Summary:

Gateway Leadership Certificate Program (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Developing future leaders is the single greatest challenge that all enterprises face today. Corporate research over the last 30 years proves that those companies that invest in the development of leaders and maintain a bench strength of talent results in a significant competitive edge demonstrated in profitability, adaptiveness and sustained and predictable results.

A series of recent corporate studies suggest that developing leadership talent, versus buying transient leaders, is both the most efficient and effective means of strategic success. The value proposition is clear:

The enterprise can most efficiently and effectively improve executive bench strength through the development of proven talent that has experience with the company, organizational knowledge, and a successful demonstrated track record with the enterprise’s products, markets, customers. Investing in the development of time-tested and proven staff incurs substantially less risk associated with hiring the relatively unknown and simultaneously results in committed and dedicated employees.

The Leadership Gateway Program (LGP) integrates into the learning design each student’s environment and unique needs through case studies that cause the course to be dynamically modified as the modules unfold. The global business environment changes daily and the successful leader must be able to adapt, improvise and employ sound principles to day-to-day management and leadership decisions. The LGP therefore focuses on cultivating each individual’s executive capability by teaching him or her how to think, not what to think.

The Leadership Gateway Program has been designed based on extensive industry research intended to identify the critical leadership competencies necessary for professionals transitioning from first-level management or highly technical positions to first-level leadership/executive positions.

The target audience for this program includes individuals who are currently successful managers, highly skilled technical specialists leading projects, or individuals who have been identified as high-potential employees. The Gateway Leadership Program is an especially effective strategic tool in building depth and breadth to support executive continuity, bench strength, and global deployment plans.


The Leadership Gateway Program is highly interactive, employs real-life student case studies and requires work between classroom events. Students will be asked to read cases and relevant materials and work on case study projects between classes. Projects will be presented to the class for insights, ideas, critical analysis and collaborative learning.

There are six modules that make up the Gateway Leadership Certificate:

Module 1: Communicating With Influence, Building Successful Interpersonal and Team Communications (3 days)

The single most critical skill for leaders is their ability to communicate effectively and influence others. This module develops skills needed to lead staff and build team dynamics which drive long-term enterprise success. The module focuses on building and executing critical analysis and design skills necessary for adapting to a broad-range of unpredictable work environments.

Selected skills the participant will master include:

  • Define goals for a specific communication and design the most effective methods of delivery
  • Use communication techniques and models to positively influence how another person thinks or behaves
  • Analyze their own and another person's style of processing information, working, and making decisions
  • Prepare and adapt an influential messages to all the potential styles of receivers
  • Create a message that increases the influence factor and lowers the antagonism factor
  • Analyze the communication and work styles of intact teams and individual team members
  • Create methods to improve the productivity and quality of a team's work

    Module 2: Managing Interpersonal and Organizational Conflict (3 days)

    Conflict is a fact of life. There is good conflict and bad conflict. The key is to understand when either is present and then manage each appropriately. This module specializes in teaching the student how to a) diagnose the root cause of conflict (organizational, interpersonal or intrapersonal), b) build a plan to manage the conflict to a constructive end, and c) then resolve the conflict in the best systemic interest of the enterprise and the individuals involved.

    This highly interactive 3-day module will help you strengthen your ability to work creatively with all types of conflict and improve your effectiveness in interpersonal relationships and negotiations. Extensive resources for further learning will be provided throughout this module.

    Module 3: Building, Leading and Managing Dynamic Teams (4 days)

    The art of team leadership involves creating an effective team design, driving task accomplishment, nurturing individual and group potential; building effective team dynamics that maximize synergy and creativity; developing inter-team and intra-team relationships that lead to commitment and dedication; understanding the effects of competition and collaboration on the effectiveness of a team: and appropriately empowering people to make the right decisions for the team and the organization. Companies who are market leaders and have achieved sustained success claim that successful team leadership is one of the most critical factors contributing to their success. Focused, inspired, and motivated teams of people do not get that way without a skillful team leader.

    This module is a blend of current leadership theory, team development concepts and psychological styles of leadership. The focus is on developing each participant's ability to understand the changing and different needs of a team and its members, while adapting to the changing needs of the business. This module is delivered in 2 two-day segments.

    Module 4: Leading and Managing Change (3 days)

    When change occurs, the ability for a team and an organization to be successful depends on its ability to analyze, design an approach and manage the change in the best interest of the enterprise’s business model and strategy. Leaders have responsibility to attend to the organizational, team and personal requirements and challenges related to the evolving environment.

    This module provides a model for the change process, tools for assessing individual and organizational readiness for the change, techniques for guiding the organization and coaching the individual through the change, and methods for measuring the success of the change. Embedded throughout the module are analysis and design tools necessary to attend to the broad enterprise organizational requirements, pressures, resistances and systemic impacts of the changes.

    Module 5: Analyzing and Designing Tactical and Strategic Organizations (3 days)

    This module is the last critical distinguishing core leadership skill necessary to transition from a functional manager to executive.
    The success of any enterprise is largely dependent on the ability for its leaders to navigate the changing marketplace. Once the decision of direction is made, the business operation, including the organization, must be designed to effectively and efficiently execute the business plans and successfully meet the enterprise’s goals.

    All businesses and products go through their lifecycles. The challenge for any manager or executive is to analyze the current states of the business, marketplace and products in order to make operational and organizational adjustments. These adjustments can come in numerous forms, including: goal adjustments, functional organizational changes, role and responsibility changes, process changes, charter adjustments, business model changes, and personnel changes just to name a few.

    Through the use of real-life case studies, industry case studies and interactive exercises, this module teaches participants to analyze their organizations, analyze problems to uncover true root cause and to design operations that drive their companies to higher levels of short-term and long-term effectiveness and competitiveness.

    Module 6: Specialty Topics To Be Determined by Course Participants (2 days)

    Each participant comes to the program with unique experiences, needs, work environments and challenges. These two days have been reserved to provide the students with the ability to select topics that either need more in-depth review or address specific issues. This will enhance the relevance of the learning and provide the opportunity to introduce topics that are not part of the core curriculum.

    The topics could include, but not be limited to, the following:

    #Leading and managing generation X and Y staff
    #Human motivation
    #Managing stress in the workplace
    #Developing creativity skills and leading creative activities
    #Designing individual and operational goals
    #Coaching employees
    #Developing vision, mission, value and charter statements

    The following modules are waived for individuals who have prior relevant project management training. If you do not have project management experience these classes must be taken before you begin the certificate program.

    MDP407: Principles and Techniques of Project Management
    MDP408 Estimating & Managing Project Cost
  • Seminar Summary:

    Gateway Leadership Certificate Program (see full course description)

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