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Who should attend Advanced SharePoint Programming
This course is intended for Microsoft professional software developers with ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2005, WSS 3.0, and MOSS 2007 experience.
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Advanced SharePoint Programming  

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New Horizons   


This course is intended for Microsoft professional software developers with ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2005, WSS 3.0, and MOSS 2007 experience.


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Seminar Summary:

This 5 day deep-dive will guide individuals through the process of architecting and developing SharePoint applications and customizations.  (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Learning Method: Instructor-led Classroom Learning
Duration: 5.00 Day(s)

This course has strict pre-requisites. The students must have taken: 2349 Programming With .NET Framework; 2542 Advanced Data Access with Visual Studio 2005; 2543 Core Web Application Technologies With Visual Studio 2005; 5060 Implementing Windows SharePoint Services 3.0; 5061 Implementing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007; or have equivalent knowledge/experience.


1. Overview – Advanced SharePoint Programming
a. Overview of SharePoint
b. What is SharePoint Programming?

2. Custom Authentication
a. Change the Default Authentication provider
b. Membership Providers (ASP.NET 2.0)
c. SharePoint Single SignOn

3. SharePoint Permissions
a. Add users
b. Understand SharePoint Default Groups
c. Understand Security Trimmed Interface
d. Programming Security Trimmed Interface
e. Create New Groups
f. Create Custom Permission level
g. Explore Site/List/Item Permissions Inheritance
h. Web Application Zones

4. In Browser Customization
a. Add/Move/Configure Web Parts
b. Add a Page View Web Part
c. Add a Content Editor Web Part
d. Add a Content Query Web Part
e. Create new Web/Web Part Pages
f. Create a master page
g. Apply a master page
h. Create/Apply custom CSS
i. Apply custom theme
j. Enable Versioning and Content Approval
k. Modify Site Navigation
l. Modify Quick Launch Navigation
m. Regional Settings
n. Create a new Page Layout
o. Create a new Page using a Page Layout
p. Ghosted (uncustomized) versus Unghosted (customized) Pages

5. Basic SharePoint Designer
a. Open existing SharePoint site
b. Create a new SharePoint site
c. Explore SharePoint Folders (team site)
d. Explore SharePoint Folders (portal site)
e. Create ASP.NET Page
f. Modify built-in CSS Style Sheet
g. Create/Attach CSS Style Sheet
h. Create/Attach/Detach a Master Page
i. Check In/Out
j. Add Web Parts
k. Add Web Part Zone
l. Add Images
m. Reset to Site Definition

6. Advanced SharePoint Designer
a. Explore Built-In Reports
b. Create/Manage Data Views
c. Create/Manage Data Sources
d. Merge Two Data Sources
e. Link Two Data Sources
f. Backup and Restore Sites

7. Content Types
a. Built-in Content Types
b. Content Type Inheritance
c. Document Information Panels
d. Custom Content Types

8. Custom Site Definitions
a. Create a new Site Definition (Manually)
b. Create a new Site Definition (Visual Studio)
c. SharePoint Solution Generator

9. Features
a. Create a Feature.xml file
b. Use a Feature.xml file to create a Custom User Control
c. Create a basic web part with Feature model

10. Web Services
a. Learn to find SharePoint Web Services
b. Utilizing the Web Services
c. Programming to each of the WSS Web Services
d. Programming to the new MOSS web services
i. Business Data Catalog
ii. Excel Services
iii. Search
11. Web Parts
a. Building A Simple Web Part
b. Deploying Web Parts
c. Building An Advanced Web Part
d. Use the SharePoint Object Model
e. Databases
f. Web Services
g. Create Web Part with Visual Studio Template
h. Add child controls to web parts
i. Implement Web Part Connections
j. Asynchronous vs Synchronous Web parts

12. Client Side Scripts / AJAX
a. Use AJAX In your web parts

13. SharePoint Object Model
a. Learn to use the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll and implement integrated SharePoint .NET Applications

14. Custom Field Types
a. Create a Custom Field Type (Regular Expression)
b. Create a Custom Field Type (Telephone Number)

15. SharePoint Event Model / Custom Timer Jobs
a. Create an event handler for a list
b. Create an event handler for a site
c. Create a custom time job

16. Workflows with SharePoint Designer
a. Use each of the WSS/MOSS Workflows
b. Use SharePoint Designer to create a simple workflow
c. Program a custom workflow activity

17. Workflows with Visual Studio
a. Use Visual Studio to create an advanced workflow

18. Localization
a. Learn to utilize ASP.NET Localization
b. Install a SharePoint language pack

19. SharePoint & FrontPage RPC
a. Learn to program to the SharePoint and FrontPage RPC protocols

20. Upgrading WSS 2.0 to WSS 3.0
a. Learn to do In-Place upgrade
b. Learn to do Gradual upgrade
c. Learn to do Database Migration upgrade
d. Caveats to upgrading

21. Shared Services
a. Create A Shared Service Provider
b. Configure a Shared Service Provider

22. Excel Services
a. Configure Excel Services
b. Configure Excel Services Web Parts

23. Business Data Catalog
a. Create a Business Data Catalog Application Definition File
b. Configure the BDC Web Parts
c. Configure Single SignOn with BDC

24. Business Intelligence
a. Utilize the built-in KPI web parts
b. Install Reporting Services add-ins
c. Configure Reporting Services Add-ins
d. Create a Reporting Services Report
e. Run a reporting services report in SharePoint

Seminar Summary:

This 5 day deep-dive will guide individuals through the process of architecting and developing SharePoint applications and customizations.  (see full course description)

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